Cannabis Trader Review: Scam or Legit – Unbiased Opinion

Cannabis Trader

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Overview of Cannabis Trader

Cannabis Trader
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Cannabis Trader is a reliable and legitimate automated trading robot, backed by extensive testing. The system operates on automation, requiring minimal user input. Simply create an account, adjust settings, and let the robot do the rest.

Price: 250

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web-based, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, OSX, macOS, iOS, Android 7.1.2, Android 8.1, Android 9.0, Android 10.0, Android 11.0, Android 12.0, Android 13.0

Application Category: FinanceApplication

Editor's Rating:


  • Automated trading for easy participation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Legitimate and trustworthy platform
  • Gradual learning and profit growth


  • Lack of verifiable evidence to support claims.
  • Insufficient risk disclosure for users.

Cannabis trader is an automated robot that enables users to make deals while buying and selling of cannabis stocks. This process takes place automatically while users sit back. It promises a win rate of 93%.

If you know even a tad bit about automated trading robots, you must have also heard about this platform. But as we know, the whole internet is flooded with these. This is why we’ve taken upon ourselves to bring you information about the right automated trading robot to never let you face a loss. In this post, our point of discussion will be Cannabis Trader.

Back in 2016 when automated trading robots were newly gaining grounds, they were the receivers of many harsh comments. Cannabis Trader is one such platform, whose legitimacy we are going to discuss in this post. Although the platform has received great reviews from users all over the world, we’re going to make a precise cannabis trader review so that you know where you’re investing.

To introduce you to Cannabis Trader, for the time being, let’s say that this is also an excellent automated trading robot that assures a win rate of 93%. So where did the 7% go? Well, for your information, the platform claims that no algorithm can detect market changes 100% correctly. This is why they’ve made a practical claim of 93%. As tested by many reviewers, this platform cam out to be undoubtedly legitimate and worth investing!

So without further ado, let’s witness the scene of Cannabis Trader in detail. Are you ready? If yes, scroll further!

Is Cannabis Trader trustworthy or Scam?

If we had to put this clearly, we’d say Yes! Cannabis trader is certainly trustworthy, and there’s nothing for you to be afraid of. This robot has been tested time and again and has evenly proven itself to be a legitimate software for the investment of your hard-earned money.

This platform is also based on the automation technology in which there is no requirement of user input or effort. Just make an account, change settings and let the system do its job. Reviews, as put up on various sources by users, show us the results that whatever this platform claims to give are not entirely consistent, but it still does make a decent profit.

This is because when you are a beginner, you cannot make the amount that is mentioned as part of the win rate. In the initial days, you learn how to use the software while making smaller investments and as such lower profits. Once you get hold of it, you will be able to invest more and make more profit. As simple as that!

Review of Cannabis Trader

Before diving in Cannabis Trader review, let us first understand what exactly is a trading robot. Take yourself back to the time when computers were not very prevalent. You used to go out of your place, work manually to arrange all your paper files in order. How messy and rigorous was that in that time?

But due to the advent of modern computers, all your files can be arranged in a digital format only by the click of a mouse. All you require is a personal computer or a laptop, type in your material and save it. The computer utilises its memory and programming to make things simpler for you.

Trading softwares can be compared to computers in our analogy. Instead of any human involvement and labour, the software does its job by matching your trade deal to specific statistics and by an excellent mechanised comparison offers you the best deal. This corresponds to the 93% profit rate that is sure shot while using Cannabis Trader.

Now let’s get back to Cannabis Trader. This software, like Cannabis Wealth, is also very user-friendly and has a unique algorithm for cannabis stocks trading. All these tools that help you buy and sell your stocks at the software are super easy to understand while the customisation in the trade settings helps in performing the stock trading your way.

As explained above, before the invention of automated trading softwares, this job could only be done by finance experts. But now, almost anyone with the basic knowledge of the robot can increase their balance in practically no time. Moreover, according to posts at various review platforms, several people using cannabis trader have claimed to become debt free after trading here. How cool is that?

How does Cannabis Trader work?

Cannabis trader’s algorithm is supposed to be all automatic. This is why, it makes Cannabis Trader a high tech software as it places the trade with ease, following the changing market trends. The volatility of the market is an essential factor that controls cannabis stocks concerning fiat currencies.

To begin trading on Cannabis Trader, just like any other trading robot, you would have to put some funds in it first. Then Cannabis Trader will match you with a licensed broker in your country. Through an automatic pathway, the best time of significant returns is expected, and then the investment is made.

Considering everything that can go wrong in a transaction like that, a minimum investment of $250 is recommended. Once you realise that you’re being accustomed to the processes and are confident enough, you can put in more money and step by step, increase your profit.

The user, however, should change or modify the settings such as sell target, etc. daily. Once that is done, a person can choose from auto trading or manual trading. You must go for the former option as that is helpful in case you’re a beginner but the second will also do if you already have some experience.

Why should I invest in Cannabis?

Well, this sounds a logical question too. Why should you be investing in stocks of a plant instead of cryptocurrency? Let us explain! Cannabis is not an ordinary plant. It has Medicinal as well as herbaceous properties.

Moreover, there is a lot of uproar going on for its legalisation in many countries with Canada having legalised it already. It is expected that the use of Cannabis for various purposes will increase manifold. This is why it is certainly worth to invest in it.

Some properties of Cannabis are as follows:

  • It prevents cancer from metastasis.
  • Incase you don’t know, It’s used to treat patients who have Parkinson’s Disease.
  • It is also used to control epilepsy.
  • Contrary to public opinion, it helps to improve lung health.
  • It is also known to help in the treatment of glaucoma.
  • Cannabis also reduces anxiety.

How to Open an Account on Cannabis Trader?

If you don’t like lengthy registration procedures, there’s good news for you. Here at Cannabis Trader, the registration is super simple and super quick. All you need to have is a functional email id. Follow these steps to create your account:

  • Firstly go to the official website of Cannabis Trader.
  • Look for the option open an account.
  • After the window opens, enter some necessary information such as your full name, functional email, a password with good strength and contact details.
  • Now click sign up.
  • Make sure you enter a functional email id because you will be sent a verification link upon which once you click, your account will be activated.

Once all these steps are done away with, you will get your very own broker that will place your deals and do the buying and selling of your cannabis stocks!

How do I begin trading with Cannabis Trader?

The very first step in every trade is to have some funds. The fund that you require here is to be transferred in your broker’s account. Here, you will be given an option of either wanting to pay now or later. You might want to take a look at the platform before the deposition of money. Once you’re okay, select the option of deposit, and you will notice that you’ve been shown several options for making the deposit. Choose your method and proceed.

Cannabis Trader

The minimum amount that can be deposited is $250. You can choose from an entire array of payment methods that are supported by Wire Transfer, Bitxplace cryptocurrency, Bitcoin/ Ethereum, credit card and debit card, etc.

Of course, as any other trading giant would prove, the more money you put in, the more significant the profit you’ll make. But this also means that some risk factors are also to be complied with. Thus, we recommend beginning with a less amount at first and then developing your way up. This is why newbies should always stick to the minimum $250 while buying and selling their stocks.

Cannabis trader Demo account:

Unfortunately, there is no demo mode present currently at Cannabis Trader. This is a huge let down for newcomers, but in compensation for that, the makers of the software have ensured that the users can view all the settings of the software without having to place a trade. The only things are you are not provided with a demo balance to be utilised in making a demo trade. But that’s not necessary if you already know the settings.


Live Trading:

Once you’re okay with the platform and it’s functioning, you can switch on the live trade. Here also, you can select between manual and auto trading. Usually, manual trading is for experienced traders, while for beginners auto trading does the job. Here you are required to set your minimum payouts as well as the part of the investment that you want to trade.

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You can also set the stop loss and edit the daily take profit. Either you can let the system do its job, or you can fix the assets that you want to work with. This is an excellent customisation available at this platform. Once you’re good with all the setting, click auto-trade and watch your money increase!


  • Verification Process: if you are a no-nonsense person trying to look for an automated trading robot look no more. The Cannabis Trader software, unlike others, doesn’t take too long for verifying your account. The only thing you have to make sure here is providing a functional email id where the verification code will be sent. Once you click on that code, your account will automatically be verified.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals: If you have used any other software about automatic trading, you will know that withdrawals may take as long as seven to ten days for the processing, which is a very long time. But here, it all takes place in a matter of minutes. Withdrawals are generally processed in 24 hours. Out of the profit that was made, we tried withdrawing some amount, and it got back within the stipulated timing.
  • Cost/Fees: A piece of great news for all you potential investors is that this software doesn’t require any fees for registration. Therefore, if there’s a link that redirects you to Cannabis Trader and asks you a registration charge, you must know that it is fraudulent. Also, there’s no commission fee as well. This is why your money is 100% your own.
  • Customer Service: In spite of following this guide if you still experience any issues you can contact Cannabis Trader’s customer care executives. They are available 24/7. You might email them whenever you face a problem, and they’ll contact you back in no time.

Exclusive Features

  • Payout: Unlike the other software in this industry, Cannabis Trader promises instant payout, which can be seen in your account. The platform claims a payout of $3000 per day, which may not be possible initially, but throughout consistent trading, you can easily earn with minor difficulties.
  • Brokers: Once you finish creating your account, you will be matched with a broker. You can see the brokers in ‘current brokers’ section. Here, you will be able to select a broker for whichever deal you’d like to make. Another positive aspect over here is that all the brokers are licensed.

Does Cannabis Trader have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, no! Cannabis Trader doesn’t have a mobile app. But you can access this platform with your mobiles if you have a browser and an internet connection. No worries!


We would give a thumbs up for this software. With options like customization in assets, user-friendly interface, quick withdrawals and deposits, 24/7 customer service, auto and manual trading etc. you should give this platform a shot!

But do not forget to begin with a minimum amount of money. Once you’re able to make some profit, you can always go ahead and increase your investment. The market change may take place any time, and in case the algorithm doesn’t detect, it will result in losses. But, this is a con that you will find at any automated robot whatsoever. This is why, it is advisable to use a lesser amount in trading if you’re a beginner and develop your way through. If you have any questions about our Cannabis Trader Review, comment below.


🎯 How quickly can my profits be withdrawn?

They can take place within 24 hours.

🎯 Does the software have a limit of trading?

No, you can place an unlimited amount of trades here.

🎯 How much time do I need to invest her everyday?

Fifteen to twenty minutes are enough to modify the settings, and you’ll be good to go.

🎯 How much can I expect to make daily with this software?

It claims about $3000 every day.

🎯 What is the guarantee that the trades will render me profits?

According to our tests, we got the signal accuracy 93%.


🎯 How quickly can my profits be withdrawn?

They can take place within 24 hours.

🎯 Does the software have a limit of trading?

No, you can place an unlimited amount of trades here.

🎯 How much time do I need to invest her everyday?

Fifteen to twenty minutes are enough to modify the settings, and you’ll be good to go.

🎯 How much can I expect to make daily with this software?

It claims about $3000 every day.

🎯 What is the guarantee that the trades will render me profits?

According to our tests, we got the signal accuracy 93%.