2023 Immediate Edge Bot Review – Scam or Legit – Read Before Trading [UPDATED]

Immediate Edge Bot

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Overview of Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge
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Immediate Edge App is a reliable platform for crypto and foreign exchange trading, including binary options. The app utilizes advanced algorithms and technology, outperforming human experts in accuracy. Even beginners with no prior experience can open an account and profit successfully. Setting up the app is straightforward, and it offers a user-friendly automatic interface, eliminating the need for extensive research typically required by human traders.

Price: 250

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web-based, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, OSX, macOS, iOS, Android 7.1.2, Android 8.1, Android 9.0, Android 10.0, Android 11.0, Android 12.0, Android 13.0

Application Category: FinanceApplication

Editor's Rating:


  • Utilization of sophisticated algorithms and trading techniques to generate profitable trades
  • Round-the-clock customer support readily accessible
  • Exclusive access to advanced features and signals through a subscription-based model
  • Access to educational resources tailored for subscribers' needs
  • Transparent presentation of live trading results and trade tracking
  • Exclusive members-only area for subscribers to engage and interact
  • Flexible subscription options available on a monthly or annual basis
  • Effortless and user-friendly approach to earning through cryptocurrency trading


  • The information about regulation and availability is not adequately specified.
  • The team's experience in trading and their background have not been provided.
  • There is a lack of independent reviews or testimonials available online.

[21/04/2023 UPDATE]

Immediate Edge Bot is a cryptocurrency trading robot that is fully automatic and helps users to gain profits by trading cryptocurrency. We revisited the software and tested it again in March 2022 to check if it is still entirely reliable and provides its users with what it claims.

Automatic cryptocurrency trading platforms are a recent invention, and it is only recently that they have taken the world by storm. The fact that they are automatic and only the algorithms carry out the operations makes this concept a little sceptical for reviewers. This is why these cryptocurrency trading platforms have often been a target of harsh reviews.

But, if you follow cryptocurrency news on social media or other Internet platforms, you will know that a variety of people have claimed that these trading robots have made huge profits. All this takes place with minimum user input, and the system manages everything. How cool is that?

But as cryptocurrency trading platforms have been gaining so much popularity, the number has also increased. Now, if you search on Google about one cryptocurrency trading robot, you will find 1000 others. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to educate you about only the best robots. We care about your investment, and as such, we will only recommend the best.

In this article, we will be learning in detail about immediate edge bot, another cryptocurrency trading platform that is fully automatic. As you might have already come to know by reading the topic, we will discuss the Immediate Edge Review. If you are a beginner or have no experience in automatic trading, please review the article carefully because if you miss something, you might end up making a loss there.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

Is Immediate Edge Bot a Scam Or trustworthy?

If you are looking for a clear-cut answer, then you are in luck because Immediate Edge App is undoubtedly a legitimate software to invest in. It is a well-trusted automatic cryptocurrency trading robot that does what it claims. These claims are not made in the air. Still, they were inferred after deliberate testing by several users who were able to gain profits after investing their money and placing a trade at Immediate Edge.

After testing the Immediate Edge bot, it was found that this software provides a success rate of 85%. This means, out of hundred such trades placed, profit will be received in 85 of those. This compares to one of the best rates on the crypto trading scene. This is why Immediate Edge enables its users to invest through the platform without any hesitation or hassle of worrying about losing money.

In some tests, by investing a minimum of two of $50, a profit of $22 was made. This is an excellent rate for any automatic crypto-trading robot. The fact that this robot was able to render a profit to an inexperienced user in one go will give confidence to several users who have no prior experience of trading cryptocurrency automatically.

Immediate Edge Review

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Immediate Edge App is a platform where one can trade crypto and foreign exchanges. It also provides binary options. Many people may doubt this platform, so we decided to review it. Several sources say this crypto trading robot is a scam, but we can assure you it is not. You can make money on it if only you read this article carefully and invest wisely.

Immediate Edge uses algorithms and technology to place profitable trades like all automatic trading robots. Because everything is based on algorithms, the accuracy is even better than any human expert. Any beginner can make an account and begin trading on this platform. There has been a history where people with no prior experience have been able to make profits here successfully.

After successfully logging in, you only have to make some critical settings with the Immediate Edge App bot. Then you can only monitor the profit that accumulates into your account. Thanks to the user-friendly automatic interface of the software. Human traders have to spend hours researching before placing their deals, but this possibility has been evicted by Immediate Edge, where the system itself does the entire job.

How does Immediate Edge work?

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As we have mentioned, the Immediate Edge App is a popular automatic crypto trading platform. So before we dive into Immediate Edge, let us first see how a basic crypto trading system works.

Before mobile technology became widespread, everything was done by hand. If you had to make a call, you would have to go to your caller menu, type in the number and make a call. With Google Assistant and Siri, one can easily ask them to do the job, and it’s done. You do not need to open up the caller menu again as the assistant itself types the number, and a call is made without any input by the user.

We will consider Google assistant analogous to an automatic crypto-trading robot. One does not need to research market rates and the direction in which the volatility flows. The immediate edge system does everything; you only need to lay back and monitor the profit. This is why even beginners can make an account and use profits on minimum investment.

The accuracy of the detection of the market rate is very high because of the intelligent algorithm that the system works on. Now you do not need to worry if your investment will give you a profit or not because in most cases, it will certainly do.

Immediate Edge Bot Features:


The description on the official website states that users can make $2200 per day. But even though this sounds like a ridiculous amount to be made by a beginner, it is true. If you are a newbie, perhaps you won’t be able to make a high amount like this. But with continuous effort and regularity in placing trades, you will undoubtedly be able to make huge profits that correspond to the ones mentioned.

Verification system

All you need to do is create your account with the minimum possible details and enter your card details to make a deposit. Apart from this, no extra information is required. No bank statements or IDs are to be submitted.

Withdrawals and deposits

A very peculiar feature of scam software is that you can deposit the amount quickly, but withdrawals will take forever to process. But this is not the case here. Deposits take place instantaneously at Immediate Edge, and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours. This, unlike other platforms, is quite a lesser amount of time as elsewhere, withdrawals may take 7 to 10 days to process.

Cost or fees

This is another excellent feature of Immediate Edge. There is no additional cost or charge for registration. There are no hidden fees as well that brokers might ask for. There are no commissions either.

User testimonials:

When you invest in an unknown area, you have to be sure that that particular software is good and will render your profits instead of bankrupting you. This is why user reviews are critical. You will be surprised to witness the satisfactory reports this automatic cryptocurrency trading software offers people. People have written how this software provided them with the expected profits.

Customer service:

A functional cryptocurrency trading robot should always have quality customer service. This is because several beginners will be investing. Immediate edge has a great team of customer service executives who will help you whenever you need help. You can contact them via live chat or even email. They are available throughout the day. Therefore never hesitate if you need any help at any stage of trading.


When you make an account and deposit money on any automatic cryptocurrency trading robot, you are matched with a broker. The amount you transfer goes into the broker’s account, which places the trade for you. Thus, all the brokers are supposed to be reliable, which is undoubtedly the case with Immediate Edge. You do not have to worry if your amount will go lost or not.

How Do you log in or Register To The App?

Not a fan of elaborate procedures? You don’t have to stress about those at this crypto bot. The registration process is comparatively super comfortable here. Follow the steps to find out how!

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  • Firstly, search and click on the official website of Immediate Edge by clicking on the following link — HERE
  • In the top right corner, there will be an option to register where you must enter your name and email address.
  • Make a password with a good strength to do away with any possibility of hacking.
  • The final step is to submit.
  • Congratulations! Immediate Edge has successfully registered you on their platform.

How do I begin trading?

If you’ve read the Immediate edge review, You’re now ready to start trading. To start the process, you have to have funds in your account. This will be possible if you deposit the minimum amount of payment which is $250.

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You can deposit funds through credit and debit cards supported by VISA, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Klarna, etc. The users have an entire menu to choose a suitable payment method. How great is that?

Once the fund deposition is done, you can go to the trading dashboard to begin with actual trading. You can also look at Demo Account if you are a beginner.

Immediate Edge app Demo Trading:

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The demo trading mode in Immediate Edge is only available to some users whose brokers certify its presence. But those who do not get a demo trading mode can easily access the live trading robot to get an idea of all the functionalities. Therefore, one can quickly be aware of the available options before switching on the life trading mode.

Live Trading Results:

As mentioned above, Immediate Edge allows its users to trade in the fully automatic mode. In fully automatic mode, the system does all its research and places the deal accordingly. Make sure you look at all the trade settings, such as stop-loss, the maximum amount per trade, etc., so that you are satisfied with the settings before you activate the auto trading mode and begin making profits.

Who founded Immediate Edge?

This platform was created by a person called Edwin James. He is known to have made billions with binary options crypto and forex trading. He also shares his strategies through the Immediate edge app as well. He believes he would like beginners to invest through his software and make profits after 3 minutes of signing in.

Does It have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, this platform does not have a mobile app. But if you want to access it on your phones, you only need a secure Internet connection and a functional browser. Just type in the address of the website of the software and press enter, and you will be able to open it on your phone. Easy isn’t it?

Do celebrities endorse the Edge Bot?

A very pale rumour was that a famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo recommended Immediate Edge. However, we can assure you that no such claim has been officially made. Therefore, we cannot say that any celebrity has ever endorsed this platform.

Does Gordon Ramsay endorse Immediate Edge?

Gordon Ramsay or any celebrities do not endorse immediate Edge. These are rumours, and the Immediate Edge CEOs do not support these false marketing tactics.

Has Immediate Edge been on Shark Tank?

Immediate Edge has not appeared on the TV show Shark Tank. These are simply rumours and have no truth to them. Immediate Edge is legit, and these rumours are simply marketing techniques made up by affiliates.

Is there an Immediate Edge App?

Yes, an app is available for this robot, and it is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Immediate Edge App Review Conclusion:

We recommend this automated cryptocurrency trading robot for buying and selling. We think this is an ideal app if you’re a newbie to crypto trading. With options of making a demo account, one can do away with the possibility of trading without knowledge. Every step is straightforward, from registering yourself onto the platform to beginning the actual trade. The time taken to withdraw funds is also very less.

An important point we’d like to stress again is that it always begin with fewer funds. Have you traded with this platform before? Would you like to tell us something about this immediate edge review? Feel free to comment down below!

See you in a different post! Until then, Happy Trading!

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🎯 If the market volatility is low, will I still get profits?

Yes, because of the Intelligent algorithm of this software, you won’t be incurring losses.

🎯 How much time will it take to process my withdrawals?

It takes 24 hours to process any withdrawals.

🎯 Can I trade only bitcoins with this?

Numerous payment methods can be used.

🎯 Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

No, it is 100% legitimate.

🎯 Do you need the experience to use Immediate Edge?

No, even an inexperienced trader can invest and earn profits.


🎯 If the market volatility is low, will I still get profits?

Yes, because of the Intelligent algorithm of this software, you won’t be incurring losses.

🎯 How much time will it take to process my withdrawals?

It takes 24 hours to process any withdrawals.

🎯 Can I trade only bitcoins with this?

Numerous payment methods can be used.

🎯 Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

No, it is 100% legitimate.

🎯 Do you need the experience to use Immediate Edge?

No, even an inexperienced trader can invest and earn profits.