Trading 212 Review: Scam or Legit – Traders Should Read This

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Overview of Trading 212

Trading 212
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Trading 212 is a popular UK-based brokerage platform with a wide range of assets for trading, including forex, indices, and cryptocurrencies. It offers a user-friendly interface, top market winners/losers data, and educational resources. A versatile app for investors seeking a feature-rich experience.

Price: 250

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Web-based, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, OSX, macOS, iOS, Android 7.1.2, Android 8.1, Android 9.0, Android 10.0, Android 11.0, Android 12.0, Android 13.0

Application Category: FinanceApplication

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  • Automated Trading: Bitcoin trading software enables automatic trades, eliminating the need for constant manual intervention. This relieves users from the requirement of continuous vigilance, allowing trading operations to run seamlessly day and night, even without active user involvement.
  • Swift Execution: Bots can execute trades swiftly, leveraging market shifts and seizing opportunities that human traders might miss. By analyzing vast data sets and making instantaneous decisions, they have the potential to enhance profits significantly.
  • Backtesting and Strategy Improvement: Many trading bots offer the capability of backtesting, allowing users to evaluate their strategies using historical data. This empowers traders to gauge the effectiveness of their trading strategies before deploying them in real-time. Additionally, some bots provide tools for refining strategies to further enhance trading methods.


  • Reliance on software algorithms makes trading bots susceptible to technical glitches or issues, which can lead to unforeseen operations and trading errors, potentially resulting in significant financial losses.
  • Entrusting trading decisions to an automated system means the user relinquishes control, creating potential issues if the trading bot underperforms or encounters unexpected market conditions.
  • Given the extreme volatility of Bitcoin markets, trading bots may not respond quickly enough to sudden price movements or market changes, leading to missed opportunities and inaccurate trading decisions.

Trading 212 is a U.K. based brokerage firm that allows Trading of stocks, currencies, indices, etc. It is also said that they were the first stock traders in the U.K. and are also amongst the very first offering zero commission services.

But why are we talking about brokers in the first place? The most common aspect of trading online is automated trading software. But what a lot of people fail to notice is that what makes these software’s famous and worth investing in, are the brokers. This is because, whenever you log in at any automated trading platform, you are matched with a broker in your region who places your deals.

Now imagine what will happen if this broker turns out to be dishonest. As soon as you would deposit your money in the software, it would be taken away by the broker. You will only face consistent losses without any amount that can be withdrawn. You will be in a sorry state of affairs if this possibility turns out to be true. This is why you should appreciate the significance of a good broker.

But when you look up broker reviews online, you will certainly get confused. This is because a lot of websites portray fake reviews and results. This might also be sponsored by competitors to degrade the image of a particular company. But here you can completely trust us. We will give you the right perception along with an unbiased opinion. Therefore, give this entire article a read.

Trading 212 begun in Bulgaria with a company name called as Avus Capital a long time before incorporating in the U.K. in the year 2013. This means that the company is controlled by two companies that go by the name Financial Services Commission in Bulgaria and the FCA of the U.K.

Trading 212 Features

🗺️ Country of regulationUK
💰 Trading fees classLow
💰 Inactivity fee chargedNo
💰 Withdrawal fee amount$0
💰 Minimum deposit$0
🕖 Time to open an account1 day
💳 Deposit with credit cardNot available
👛 Depositing with electronic walletAvailable
💱 Number of base currencies supported9
🎮 Demo account providedNo
🛍️ Products offeredStock, ETF, Fund, Bond, Options, Futures, Crypto

Over the past five years, Trading 212 is continually generating with regards to its user base and the trading app that it has made. This app is downloaded with 12 million times that makes it one of the most popular apps in the world. Users can hence Forex pairs ETFs, trade stocks, indices, and that too even cryptocurrencies.

In this Trading 212 review, we will be explaining another brokerage firm called Trading 212. We will analyse all the aspects of this system to give you a clear understanding. You will be able to decide if this platform is worth your investment or not. Thus, if you are a beginner, make sure you read each and everything very carefully to avoid unnecessary losses. If you are an expert trader, then this may also help you improve your skills.

So are you ready to know more about Trading 212? If yes, continue reading!

What is Trading 212?

Trading 212 is one of the most popular UK-based brokerage firms which allows you to trade in a variety of assets. You can consider this the most exceptional feature of this software. This is because the full range of assets includes forex indices cryptocurrencies as well as talks. As such, you can choose anything out of the given category, and your choices won’t be restricted.

Another exciting thing about this software is that you can access the top winners and top losers in the market out of which you can select your favourite asset to trade. As such, you can customise your trading experience. You can also reduce the number of losses that you might incur during your trading sessions. It also gives you access to top trading charges as well as vital trading information.

The trading platform of Trading 212 works on in a powerful element of such a brokerage service.

It has hugely optimised mobile user experience that provides a platform with simple navigation throughout. It offers its customers an influential range of features, analysis and charts so that you do not need bulky or exploited. One of the most exceptional features is its capability to have traded in more than one ways and accomplish many of the operations that have similar trading pair concurrently.

There are some of the investors that have more of a soft corner for involved and platforms that are feature-rich. This is frequently found on MT4 and has equality. Many of them like the custom-built and outspokenness of the Trading 212 app. This valid demo account lets its users and traders test other platforms and discover the one which best suits them.

Moreover, you can also access many additional features, including the spread type, the margin, the target spread, the short and long positions swap amounts as well as minimum trading quantity. Also, you can watch videos along with news and their analysis on the trading platform to educate and aware yourself regarding the necessary information that you ought to know before placing your deals.

Is Trading 212 a scam?

This is one of the most gossipy questions about any trading software out there. May it be a broker or an automated trading platform you will be able to find mixed reviews about either of these. These mixed reviews might render you hopeless, and you might decide to invest in the wrong software. This is why we will be giving you an unbiased opinion as to whether this software is a fraud or not.

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We can very surely claim that Trading 212 is legitimate software for you to invest your funds. It is a well-regulated software and as such functions under strict conditions. Regulations at any brokerage firm ensure that your money is safe in their hands. It also ensures that your money will not be stolen and it will be utilised for placing the deals and nothing else.

This brokerage firm is registered with U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority and is legitimate in England as well as Wales. It is also expressed in Bulgaria by the financial supervision commission. With so many regulations in hand, it will be challenging for this brokerage firm to leak their users’ data to third parties. This means that your information is safe with them and you will be creating profits.

Is Trading 212 well regulated?

Whenever you look up reviews of particular trading software, this is the section that you should always look out for. But the irony is usually at a lot of places regulations are unaware of. People do not have any knowledge as to whether a recognised organisation regulates their broker or not. This results in a lot of money lost by any individual who invests at such a platform.

But regulations are significant in its sense. Apart from being recognised, rules make sure that the money that you deposit goes into segregated accounts. Now because this money does not go into the brokers account directly, he will not be able to use it for all the wrong purposes. Thus deals will be placed, and you would not face consistent losses.

We are delighted to tell you that this brokerage firm is certified with the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority and is considered legitimate in all of England and Wales. Moreover, it is also accredited by Bulgaria’s Financial Supervision Commission. All the payment methods are also verified, and you do not need to worry about your data getting leaked and spammed. Isn’t that great?



there are a number of a said that you could deal using this platform. This means that you do not have to restrict yourself to some brokerage firms to provide only some assets for Trading. Almost all the cryptocurrencies can be traded, including bitcoin, dash, Ethereum, Monero, litecoin, etc. Also, there are in some other stocks that can be chosen for Trading.

Mobile Compatibility:

It is amongst the most crucial feature that is linked with the brokerage firm comprising the trading option. This mobile-based app is downloaded from Google Play Store or from the Apple store too. It becomes easy to trade, and you do not even have to carry the burden of the heavy laptop as this will only require your mobile phones for the same. It is accessible from anywhere through the tablet or iPad as well.


From this particular software, the priority is responsiveness. It provides ample material to enhance your knowledge that you can read from irrespective of the trader you are. If you wish to know more about his peculiar industry, then you can easily view the webinars along with the trading guides that are accessible on this particular software. If you are a newcomer trader, then you can consider other options too.

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Account types:

There are plenty of account types that Trading 212 can sustain and gives you as a choice. But you can ensure that it reduces confusion a lot better and continually focuses on what kind of trade you are going to perform. Although, if you are viewing many account types, then you can consider different platforms like EuropeFX and Pepperstone.

Minimum deposit:

There are lots of software that prevails a minimum deposit that can be as high as a thousand dollars. It is not a brilliant amount that beginners can invest. But they’re certainly a piece of good news. The minimum deposit is less than $1 on this platform. It is recommended that you should first invest a little amount of money and analyse h=this bot on your own.

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Deposits and withdrawals:

there are a lot of different payment methods available at Trading 212. The easiest ones include bank transfers along with credit and debit card transactions. But there is a variety of digital wallets as well. Therefore if you would like to know the complete list, then you should refer to the official website of this brokerage firm.


A critical feature is this one at any brokerage firm. Registration at this Platform takes place quickly and is almost hassle-free. However, make sure that you verify yourself for all your withdrawals and deposits to take place immediately. If you have any queries regarding registration, then you can read further sections for information.

Demo trading:

There are almost every genuine brokers as well as all the cryptocurrency trading platforms. It also provides with the option for people who do not have beforehand experience of any online trading. It has a demo trading account that gives you a virtual fund that tests yourself. As you are better or not or you are fit for Trading or not. This is instead a more relaxed medium that lets beginners login quickly.

Customer service:

We want a hassle-free experience to our users, so after you complete reading this article, you face any problem. Then you need not worry at all. The tremendous customer care service this platform endures is worth every appreciation. Another most refreshing feature of this software is that the customer services are available in 16 distinct languages.

How do I register myself on Trading 212?

Because this brokerage firm is associated with the Financial Conduct Authority, there are several questions that you have to comply with to register yourself successfully. Moreover, you also have to keep a scanned copy of your passport or national I.D. along with a utility bill or bank statement from past three months ready during registration. These documents are mandatory to be submitted.

To successfully register yourself at this platform, navigate to its official website first. Then look for the registration option and enter your details carefully. You Will also have to answer specific questions to complete the registration process. Although you can access the trading software instantly, your successful registration might take a few days to complete.

How do I begin trading with Trading 212?

If you are accessing this brokerage firm through a cryptocurrency platform, then you do not need to register separately on this brokerage firm. But if you want to trade individually, then you will have to do so by depositing some initial capital. Do not worry as this process is very safe, and a variety of payment methods are available. The ways that you can use are Credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, etc.

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You will be happy to know that if you have any profits in your account. Then you can make a withdrawal whose request can be processed in very less time. This is an excellent feature because not a lot of brokerage firms provide such a short amount of time while processing withdrawals. It can take as lengthy as a month at other platforms, which is not a pleasant amount of waiting time.

Trading 212 is validated for traders from various countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, Australia, U.K., Norway, Germany, Singapore, South Africa, UAE, Qatar, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Italy, Denmark and other countries. The traders from the United States cannot use Trading 212 app.

Trading 212 has an enhanced full customer support and service that is available for 24 hours 365 days, that too in 16 different languages. Plus the platform is open 24/7. It is the greatest asset on the asset basis.

Trading is super simple at this platform. The trading software at Trading 212 is a proprietary platform which gives you access to trade any asset ranging from forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks etc. Moreover, the web meta trader platform can be accessed through any browser and as such, you can also connect it through your phones. This reduces the possibility of carrying your bulky laptops on the go.


There is a lot of variation offered by this software that you should undeniably for this. The functionality that this software possesses includes the customer care service with multiple account options that you can choose from. It has easy withdrawals and has a good reputation in the forex trading scene makes it a go-to software and payout methods for anyone willing to do online Trading. It also has trade-able assets that incorporate commodities and currencies, stocks, cryptocurrencies and indices etc. This app is a boon as it provides all its traders with a lot of opportunities to ponder upon and explore.

Although the fact that you are new to the app, you should stick to the possible amount that is essential for the deposits. This surely keeps you safe against every needless loss that you face if any of your Trading goes wrong.


Is Trading 212 a scam?

No, it is a hundred per cent legitimate.

Can we only trade cryptocurrency here?

No, there is an array of stocks, currencies and indices to choose from.

Is registration a stressful affair?

No, but you will have to answer a questionnaire to register.


Is Trading 212 a scam?

No, it is a hundred per cent legitimate.

Can we only trade cryptocurrency here?

No, there is an array of stocks, currencies and indices to choose from.

Is registration a stressful affair?

No, but you will have to answer a questionnaire to register.