Cannabis Wealth Review: Scam or Legit – Read Before Trading

Cannabis Wealth is a cannabis trading robot that helps users to make money by buying and selling stocks at favourable rates. It claims 99% trading signal accuracy at its platform and also says that users can make as much as $1838 per day.

We’ve seen numerous auto trading robots which have recently been on the rise. This can mainly be attributed to the ease in trading that these sort of platforms bring with themselves. Even first-timers can gain profits by minimum investment. Perhaps, this is the reason why it has gained massive popularity in such a short amount of time.

But if you follow a couple of trading pages on your social media, you might have seen many advertisements that claim a lot of big profits. These are also referred to as false news in other sources. But how do you analyse if this is true or false? Don’t worry; we’ve taken upon ourselves to educate you regarding these auto trading robots. In this guide, we will be discussing some essential features of Cannabis Wealth.

Cannabis is a herbaceous flowering plant that is used for industrial fibre, recreation, food, seed oil, medicine, etc. this industry is growing globally which is why Cannabis Wealth has been created to render profits to people who invest in its stocks. But as you know, investing electronically comes with risks. These risks may also leave you bankrupt. This is why you should read the entire guide carefully before placing your deals!

So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

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Is Cannabis Wealth trustworthy?

Whenever you look up about automated trading robots, it is sure that you will find sources which will quote it to be a colossal fraud. This is because even though automated softwares do everything according to the algorithms it is set in, sometimes the market changes may render losses. But reviewers don’t seem to understand this fact. However, here you will find an impartial perception.

We can surely say that Cannabis Wealth is not fraudulent because we tested it out. It is undoubtedly an excellent platform to trade cannabis stocks and earn money. For every $250 investment, we observed an increase of $746 in the very first week itself. Now isn’t that wonderful?

Of course, we know that the website claims a win rate of $1838 every day. But that will only happen after you consistently trade at this platform and develop your skills. We, however, advise you to always begin with the minimum possible investment to keep yourself safe from unnecessary losses.

  •  Secures top position for cannabis trading robot at 99% wining rate
  • Always start with $250 and buy 20 cannabis stocks


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Cannabis Wealth Review

Cannabis Wealth is an automatic stock trader that enables users to trade cannabis stocks and earn money. This is an automated process, so beginners with no prior experience of trading may also invest in this platform. It promises a win rate of 99% and even claims that users can make up to $1838 in just one day.

This software has also made it to popular global news networks, including CNN, Forbes, USA Today, Financial Times, CNBC, etc.


But a point to be noted here is that there are always winners and losers in this game and nothing is guaranteed. To make your experience profitable, you would have to invest in the right stocks and increase your capital or otherwise suffer.


  • Payout: Unlike the other softwares in this industry, Cannabis Wealth promises competent and instant payout, which can be seen in your account. The platform claims a payout of $1838, which may not be possible initially, but throughout consistent trading, you can easily earn with minor difficulties. As mentioned, we were able to make profits in our very first week, which is why you should try too.
  • Verification Process: if you are a no-nonsense person trying to look for an automated trading robot, look no more. The Cannabis Wealth software, unlike others, doesn’t take too long for verifying your account. The only thing you have to make sure here is providing a functional email id where the verification code will be sent. Once you click on that code, your account will automatically be verified.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals: If you have used any other software about automatic trading, you will know that withdrawals may take as long as seven to ten days for the processing, which is a very long time. But here, it all takes place in a matter of minutes. Withdrawals are generally processed in 24 hours. Moreover, this is a genuine software that also has a limit of deposits that reduces the amount of risk you take.
  • Cost/Fees: A piece of great news for all you potential investors is that this software doesn’t require any fees for registration. Therefore, if there’s a link that redirects you to Cannabis Wealth and asks you a registration charge, you must know that it is fraudulent. Also, there’s no commission fee as well. This is why your money is 100% your own.

Extra Features:

  • Testimonials: You will also be able to read good reviews while making an account on this platform. A number of users have reported positive experiences at this software. One of them also claims to have made $2 million in nine months. Now that’s a crazy amount, isn’t it? According to their reviews, Cannabis Wealth is one of the best trading platforms to invest in.
  • Customer Service: in spite of following this guide if you still experience any issues you can contact Bitcoin Wealth’s customer care executives. They are available 24/7. You might email them whenever you face a problem, and they’ll contact you back in no time.
  • Brokers: once your account is created, you will be matched with a broker. The moment you begin live trading mode, you will deal through your broker according to the algorithm that is built by the software.

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How does Cannabis Wealth work?

As clearly mentioned above, Cannabis Wealth is an automatic trading software. This means that an individual doesn’t have to put to trade here. All you got to do is deposit the minimum amount of payment and let the software do its job. The whole strategy behind this is automation, and this is why it evicts the use of manual input.

When you can successfully register on this platform, you are required to deposit a minimum $250. After that is done, you might log in for a demo account. A beginner should always go through the demo account so that he familiarizes himself with the whole process of automatic trading. Once that is done, you switch on to live trading where the software buys the stocks at lower prices and makes the deal when the market soars.

Pretty simple right?

Why should I invest in Cannabis Wealth?

If you have even a tad bit knowledge about this plant, then you might know that a lot of pressure is being put on the governments of various countries for its legalization. Canada has already legalized this plant. This is because the medicinal and recreational uses of this plant are a lot, and people buy it hugely for its industrial purposes. As such you may also prove your utility by earning some money in its trading.

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The advantages of Cannabis are as follows:

  • It prevents cancer from metastasis.
  • Enhances the creative outcomes in the brain.
  • It’s used to treat patients who have PTSD.
  • It’s also used to control epilepsy.
  • Contrary to public opinion, it helps to improve lung health.
  • It helps in the treatment of glaucoma.
  • Cannabis also reduces anxiety.

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Who created Cannabis Wealth?

This software was created by Jacob Walters, who is also the CEO of this company. It is noted that Jacob is an experienced businessman who had previously created about twenty businesses. He ended up selling them for $25000000. After selling, he created this software.

He was also a hedge fund manager and is also known to have worked with the famous Mark Cuban.

How to Open an Account on Cannabis Wealth?

If you don’t like elaborate procedures of registration, then you are in luck because at Cannabis Wealth this process is quick and easy. Follow the steps to make your account:


  • Firstly, click on the following link to reach the official website of Cannabis Wealth:
  • Now you will see a small dialogue of registration.
  • Entire the required details such as your name, a functional email id, your contact details, etc.
  • Then set your password. We highly recommend you to set a strong password because all your profit will be stored in this account.
  • Then click Sign up.
  • Once the verification code is clicked on at your email, your account will be created.

As we said before, as easy as 123!

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How do I begin trading at Cannabis Wealth?

Now as you know that before every trade, you got to have some funds. Therefore, before actually trading, you have to make sure you deposit some money into your account. Follow the steps to do so:

  • Under the fund, transfer tab, click Deposit Funds.
  • Now you will be redirected to a page which will show you the available payment methods.
  • These will be Debit and Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, Bitcoin, Helpzpay, TheChange and others.
  • Choose your favourable method and go ahead. Usually, it is a lot easier to pay through credit and debit cards.
  • Once you click that enter all your details.
  • The minimum amount to be deposited is $250, and the maximum is $10000.
  • Click Pay and you’re done. Your account will be instantly charged.

Demo Trading:

In this mode, you can practise the automated trading process. We highly recommend everyone to use this mode since beginners usually have no idea of usage while people who have traded before also might not know the functions of this software. Once you log in here, you will be able to familiarize yourself with all the methods and procedures while using the settings recommended.

After trading in the demo mode, once you gain enough confidence, you may switch to the live trading.

Live Trading:

You should make sure that you invest a minimum amount of money for trading if you’re a newbie. This is because you should only lose what you can afford to lose. You need to put in your custom setting and make the risk. As the whole software is automatic, your job is done here. The software will initiate and terminate the deal on its own. Set the stop loss and enter when you want to take profit. Now that you’re done click on one-click trading and finally click invest. The software will now function on its own to create and close deals.

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Is there anything else I need to know about Cannabis Wealth?

Well, yes, there are a few more things that you must keep in mind before investing and trading on this platform. Give the following points a read:

  • Even though the idea of automated trading looks promising, you might incur losses. This is because no software gives a 100% return or a profit guarantee. Therefore, to keep yourself safe, you should always trade with the minimum amount of money, which in this case is $250.
  • Moreover, you should also make sure to keep withdrawing your profit from time to time to save your hard-earned benefit from any gimmicks.
  • Also, keep a record of all the tax you pay. This is because you always have to pay the taxes depending upon the rate that the financial department of your country decides. Thus, you should analyse how much you should invest according to that!

Does Cannabis Wealth have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, no! Cannabis Wealth doesn’t have a mobile app. But you can access this platform with your mobiles if you have a browser and an internet connection. How’s that?

Has Cannabis Wealth ever been endorsed?

You might have seen some cryptocurrency trading robots being falsely related to celebrity endorsements. However, we can confirm that in this case, it has never been done. Moreover, it has also not appeared on any TV program such as Dragon’s Den, etc.

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Pros / Cons
  • It has a win rate of 99%.
  • Provides demo trading options for beginners.
  • Easy and quick withdrawals.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Instant verification.
  • Market risks can't be done away with.
  • Mobile app not available.


We would give a thumbs up for this software. With options like demo mode, customization available, user-friendly interface, quick withdrawals and deposits, 24/7 customer service, etc, you should give this platform a try!

But do not forget to begin with a minimum amount of money. Once you’re able to make some profit, you can always go ahead and increase your investment.


If the volatility of the market is low, will I still get profits?

Yes, because of the Intelligent algorithm of this software, you won’t be incurring losses.

What if I don’t have a broker in my country?

You are supposed to seek help from customer service executives on this matter.

Can I trade other stocks with this?

Unfortunately no! You can only trade Cannabis stocks.

Is Cannabis Wealth fraudulent?

No, it is 100% legitimate.

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