Does Fabio Fazio Trade Bitcoin?

Fabio Fazio is a well-known TV and radio presenter based in Italy. The Italian presenter has been a popular figure since his debut in 1982 and has built a huge following in the country.


Recently, rumors were circulating on social media that the TV and radio host has started trading Bitcoin. Although these rumors sound far-fetched, we decided to investigate these claims.

Who is Fabio Fazio?

Fabio Fazzio is an Italian television and radio host and a celebrity who lives in Italy. The 56-year-old Italian from Savona has a lot to offer in the Italian-speaking world.


The celebrity began his career with a degree from the University of Genoa with a major in literature. He got his first chance to appear in public in 1980 when he appeared as a radio presenter on many local radio stations. He then made his debut in 1982 as a celebrity impersonator on the popular radio show Black Out.


Fabio Fazzio switched to television in 1983, where he took part in his first show. From then on, he went from strength to strength and appeared in many shows across the country. He is best known for his interview with former President Barack Obama in 2021 on his show Che tempo che fa. This was the first time Obama had appeared on Italian television.

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The verdict: did Fabio Fazio start trading Bitcoin?

We investigated these rumors to find out the truth. We have found clear evidence that these rumors are false and untrue. The Italian TV personality has announced that the rumors are false.

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Fabio Fazio is a famous TV and radio personality in Italy. He has fallen victim to rumors about Bitcoin trading, but those rumors are not true. We always recommend users do their own research before trading or investing in any platform.

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