Solana Mobile Unveils Second Crypto Smartphone: Enhanced Features and Affordable Price Point on the Horizon

Solana Mobile

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Solana Mobile is set to release its second cryptocurrency-enabled smartphone, following the unexpected success of its initial crypto-ready device named Saga. According to an individual familiar with the company’s plans, the upcoming smartphone, which serves as Saga’s successor, will feature new hardware and come with a more affordable price tag.

Similar to its predecessor, the new phone will retain fundamental features such as an onboard crypto wallet, custom Android software, and a “dApp store” tailored for crypto applications. However, it aims to reach a wider market by offering these features at a lower price point and incorporating different hardware specifications, as disclosed by the insider. While the original Saga smartphone initially retailed for $1000, its prices were later reduced due to sluggish sales.

The introduction of the new Solana Mobile phone is anticipated to address the escalating demand in the secondary market for the scarce supply of existing Saga smartphones. Presently, a factory-sealed Saga device has attracted bids as high as $3,200 on eBay, marking a fivefold increase compared to its price just five weeks ago.

The backstory of Saga’s success traces back to its unique value proposition. Initially considered an experimental phone, Saga struggled to establish itself as a mobile-first platform for crypto traders and NFT collectors. However, the tide turned when it was revealed that the phone included an allocation of BONK tokens, surpassing the device’s actual cost. This revelation led to the rapid sell-out of Saga within a week.

In the subsequent month, Saga phone owners reaped rewards through various projects airdropping valuable tokens and NFTs to the 15,000 phones in circulation. These airdrops not only enhanced the Saga community but also inspired more Solana developers to explore the creation of mobile applications. Despite these developments, a representative for Solana Mobile has not responded to requests for comments at the time of this report.