The News Spy Review 2021 – Scam or Legit? We Checked

The News Spy LogoIf you’ve been watching the evolution of cryptocurrencies from the side-lines, unsure of what to do or how to get started, we strongly recommend the 2021 News Spy trader. It’s high time somebody created a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform and now it’s here. Finally, you can get involved with forecasting, trend analyses and turning profits without any previous experience of crypto markets.

Sounds too good to be true right? That’s what we thought. So, we’ve taken the News Spy for a test drive to see if it can really make you money. Let’s learn more about it.

4.5 / 5
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What Is the News Spy?

news spyThe News Spy is a clever piece of software designed to automate much of the crypto trading process. Its developers say it enables people with no specific training or skills to generate money from cryptocurrency sales as easily as an expert might. This makes it the first of its kind; the News Spy is catering to a rapidly growing global interest in digital currencies by making them available to everybody.

The most important question is whether it delivers on this promise. There seem to be as many poor quality crypto trading tools as good ones out there and we advise our readers to do their own research when selecting theirs. From an outside perspective, however, things look great. The News Spy has lots of happy users who praise the platform for helping them earn a second income.

It’s not enough for us though. In a world of fake news and reviews, the only way to know if the News Spy works is to try it. Firstly, we can say for sure that it’s a legitimate platform. It has been created honestly with the aim of making cryptocurrency trading simple for experts and laymen alike. Like all trading tools, you’re going to get what you put into it. Yes, it’s more straightforward than a lot of rival software options. However, if you want to make real money, you’ve got to learn how to use it.

Here’s what you need to know to generate the type of profits News Spy promises are achievable.

Is The News Spy Scam or Legit? It’s Not a Scam!

The News Spy is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform that uses sophisticated algorithms to monitor financial markets. Essentially, it’s a full suite of tools designed to tell users exactly when to purchase and sell their cryptocurrencies. If you know this, you know when the potential for earning a profit is highest.

It sounds easy enough but, in reality, it takes lots of time and patience to figure out when currencies are poised to drop or increase in value. The News Spy takes days, weeks and months of manual monitoring and rolls them into a user-friendly ‘robot’ who never gets tired, never switches off and never misses a moneymaking opportunity. It does this by processing prices, trends, signals and other types of publicly available trading information.

We’re happy to report that, after using real money to fund real crypto trades, we earned a profit. So, we know the News Spy software can and does work. It’s not a scam. We made some money and cashed out with ease. Again, it’s not much to ask from a platform that promises so much. Yet, it’s important to make the checks and start off cautiously.

If you want to use this cryptocurrency tool over the long term, the first step is making sure it cashes out when it’s supposed to. We found the process to be smooth, uncomplicated and easy to follow. If you are very new to crypto trading, all the market information, signals and trends are going to look unusual at first. It might seem a bit confusing. However, it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour to work out how and why the platform functions.

If you do struggle, there’s a fast-acting support service available. We tested it on multiple occasions and always got a response within an hour and often much sooner. When you consider how quickly the platform is growing, we don’t think it’s a bad performance at all.

Speaking with the News Spy support team also gave us opportunities to ask about their security protections. We’re happy to say security performance is top grade across the board. The team here knows cryptocurrencies are a serious world now. We’ve gone far beyond amateur hackers and cyber whizzes making money in their bedrooms. The stakes are higher now and, therefore, so is the quality of News Spy’s online security software.


4.5 / 5
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Terms & conditions apply
All trading carries risk

Some Important Things to Know About News Spy

  • The automated trading tools used by News Spy are superb. They enable users without much knowledge or experience to generate a stop-loss margin and reduce trading risks while also monitoring market indicators to identify profitable actions for profitable moments.
  • Though it might take you a little longer to get to grips with the lingo and the various monitoring tools, we think anybody can use News Spy and make a profit. It is very user-friendly and designed with people who are new to cryptocurrencies in mind.
  • The News Spy platform is fully responsive which means you can use it on your computer, mobile phone, laptop or any smart internet linked device.
  • Our tests confirmed that News Spy does not favor experienced users. As selling and trading decisions are ‘automated’ (in so far as they take on the advice of an algorithm), you don’t need lots of crypto knowledge to make big profits. The intelligent system does all the hard work for you.
  • You can submit a request for withdrawal (cash out your profits) at any time of the day or night. We admit it does take up to 24hrs for the request to be processed. However, News Spy team promises it won’t ever be any longer than this. We never had to wait more than twelve hours and the cash out was often processed much faster.
  • The platform was developed by John Mayers, a cryptocurrency investor who has a reputation for turning digital money into big real-world profits. He created the News Spy software because he doesn’t want high rolling brokers to have the monopoly on cryptocurrency trading.


The Technology

The News Spy Alert of expected up trendAs already explained, the News Spy takes a task you can do without special software – monitoring the financial markets for indicators of when to buy and sell – and automates it. The benefits are undeniable; you don’t have to spend time doing the monitoring yourself and, if you don’t know how to monitor, you can still make a profit.

In short, the News Spy does the work for you. That’s why we like it. The intelligent algorithmic platform (or trading robot, if you prefer) identifies relevant information from online sources, foreign markets, global media and financial indices and uses it to make judgement as to whether cryptocurrencies are due to climb in value or approaching the brink of a decline.

This next bit is the really clever part and probably our favorite thing about the News Spy. While it is heavily automated and a ‘robot’ is doing most of the work, the process isn’t completely digital. The developers have recognized the need to have real-

life brokers assessing and confirming the value of the system’s advice. Perhaps this will change as the sophistication of crypto trading robots grows. Or perhaps it’s already superfluous but the developers know users feel safer with some human intervention.

Whatever the case, judgements made by the automated system must be checked and approved by a human administrator before being passed to users. This only happens if the recommended actions have a good likelihood of generating a profit or preferable and positive results. While the speed of the human administrators cannot hope to match that of the ‘robots,’ – who process data at a remarkable rate – judgements and decisions make it to the user quickly and without complications.

The News Spy Alert of expected down trendIt’s worth pointing out the system advises its users of the risks of cryptocurrency trading. As with all trading, there’s no guarantee of profit. Almost every trader loses some money at some point because it’s the nature of the game. The more information you use to make your key buying and selling decisions, the lower the risk. However, trading currencies still involves a degree of uncertainty.

So, it’s an encouraging sign that the News Spy wants to be upfront about this. It doesn’t want to tell users what to do or how to spend their money, but it also knows some people need reminding not to splash their cash recklessly. Ultimately, it’s a small detail it but tells us the News Spy is legitimate. You can’t make long term customers from people who don’t spend smartly, after all. The minimum deposit is set at $250. This is just low enough to make the platform accessible for everybody but just high enough to discourage rash purchases.


4.5 / 5
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Terms & conditions apply
All trading carries risk

How Easy Is It to Set Up a News Spy Account and Start Trading?

The calculations being performed by the platform’s algorithms are complex and include vast swathes of data. When they get to users, however, they’re in the form of simple recommendations based on these findings. The user configures the settings on their News Spy account to ensure specific actions are taken in response to particular recommendations or market events.

For example, you can tell the system to sell your cryptocurrencies if their value decreases below a predefined figure. In this way, the entire process continues to be mostly automated. The degree of user intervention required is low because the ‘robot’ already knows what to do when a loss or gain of profit becomes achievable. It takes the actions on your behalf. By skipping the part where the user needs to give permission (every time), the computer can respond much faster and make selling and buying decisions at the optimum moment.

There are also options to limit these automated responses. For instance, you can tell News Spy not to spend over a certain amount or to continue purchasing valuable cryptocurrencies only up to a certain volume regardless of their profit potential. When the platform is working efficiently, the automated system is doing most of the work, but it doesn’t mean the user relinquishes overall control.

Some people don’t like the fact News Spy takes a small commission charge from each successful sale. We don’t think it’s a major negative though because the platform is free to use. You don’t need to pay to get an account or start trading cryptocurrencies. This commission charge is a fixed percentage and proportional to the size of the payment as is standard with most finance apps. It’s also worth noting, if you don’t profit from a trade, you don’t pay the charge.

Use these simple steps to create your first News Spy account and start trading:

Fill in the Registration Form

There’s a standard registration form to complete before you can start trading. This is no different from the form for a new user on any other website. You’ll be asked to enter payment details at a later stage. For now, News Spy needs your full name, phone number and your email address for alerts and other notifications.
You’re also required to choose a secure password. We suggest you spend some time considering this. When working with currencies of any kind, you should have a very strong password which includes upper and lowercase letters as well as numbers and special symbols.

the news spy registration step 1

Put Money On Your New Account

The minimum deposit required for trading on News Spy is $250. It might sound a bit steep, but it prevents reckless purchases. Most people are going to stop, pause and think carefully about whether they can afford this amount before hitting the confirm button. That’s what the developers of the News Spy want from their users: smart trading decisions.

You can put the $250 deposit on your account using a wide variety of payment options. MasterCard, Visa, PayPal and many other methods are accepted. During our test, it took minutes for the deposit to be credited to the account. If you have any worries, concerns or problems with this part of the process, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team.

Step 2 - Making a Deposit

Perform a Demo Trade (optional)

You don’t need to do this to be eligible for real-life trading on News Spy. However, we think it’s a great way for inexperienced users to get to grips with the system and what market movements actually look like on their computer screen.

The demo simulation is precisely that; it doesn’t involve real money. It’s merely a quick and risk-free way to familiarize yourself with the platform and its algorithm-based judgement makers. We really enjoyed playing around with this feature. It’s not going to thrill everybody, but we felt like we learned something even as relatively knowledgeable crypto traders. It’s definitely worth a look.

the news spy Demo trading


Start the Real Life Trading Process

Before you launch the automated trading ‘robot,’ we strongly encourage you to configure the stop-loss settings. These are clearly defined spending and trading limits designed to prevent the system from spending all of your money on valuable cryptocurrencies. Don’t forget, it’s very intelligent but it’s not very subtle. It is programmed to make you money. It will perform actions to this end; you’ve got to determine how far it goes in the pursuit of profit.

In the settings section, you can also ask your automated trading robot to prioritize specific currency pairs. Once you’re happy with the settings and what you want the News Spy to do, hit the Trade button. This will tell the automated system to begin monitoring data and taking trading decisions on your behalf. Again, it’s a really good idea to try the demo first and get familiar with how automated trading works.

4.5 / 5
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All trading carries risk

The News Spy Key Features

Payment System

Even brand new users can earn as much as $1,500 every day on the News Spy. This does, of course, depend on how successful your cryptocurrency trades are. Considering decisions to sell and purchase are made by an intelligent algorithm, you can expect a high rate of success that’s regulated only by the stop-loss limits you’ve set.

During our first live trading session, we earned $135 from the mandatory $250 deposit. This didn’t take long or too much thought. It was a surprisingly quick result and the profits were credited to our account within hours.

Verification System

No user is permitted to start trading from a News Spy account until they have submitted an active email address and telephone number. There is a verification system for both. It’s part of the system’s strict security protocols and it’s not optional.

Every time you deposit an amount to be credited to your trading account, you’ll be asked to provide additional verification via the email address or phone number provided. So, they need to be accurate.

Deposits and Withdrawals

It can take up to twenty-four hours for a withdrawal request to be processed and returned to you as real-life money in your bank account. A faster process is preferable but there are standard fraud and security checks to complete. Usually, withdrawals are completed within hours, but the customer support team advises users to wait for 24hrs before reporting missing payments. During our initial test, a withdrawal was completed within six hours.

Deposits are processed quicker because there are fewer checks to complete once you’ve entered your payment information. You can expect deposits to be credited to your account within minutes though, on rare occasions, it does take a little longer.

As far as we could tell – and we thoroughly investigated the News Spy – there are no charges excepting commission. We didn’t run into any hidden fees or unexpected payments. The platform is quite transparent about the percentage of profits it takes from users and why. Ultimately, it’s a free tool and without commission, it couldn’t afford to operate.

User Support

As with all digital platforms, the wait for customer support depends on myriad factors. On almost all occasions, our request for assistance was answered by a real-life operator within a couple of hours and usually within an hour.

The first response is a brief message with some practical suggestions for fixing your current problem. If you need further advice, the customer support advisors will speak to you more directly at length. We really like the way customer support is provided by the News Spy and have only good things to say about it.

If you’ve got a question which is specifically related to market movements in your area, you can ask to chat with a broker. These are the real-life humans who check and verify your system’s automated recommendations before they get to you. There’s no better place to go for advice on location-specific trading data and decisions.

Pros / Cons
  • Transparent account creation, deposit and withdrawal process, no hidden fees for all transactions.
  • Transactions comply with FCA standards which promote low leverage.
  • Trade support for users at all levels.
  • 24/7 global customer support system.
  • Excellent reputation, confirmed by testimonials from real users.
  • Other automated trading platforms don’t give users access to their rates for different services
  • The high leverage on other platforms puts new users at a disadvantage because of the higher risks.
  • New users have no support and can make decisions that cause losses.
  • Many platforms fail to provide customer support, putting all users at risk.
  • There’s hardly a way to review the offers and claims to on other trading platforms.
4.5 / 5
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Terms & conditions apply
All trading carries risk

The Main Advantages to Trading with the News Spy

The News Spy is not the only automated trading platform available online, but it is one of the most reliable. We consider it to be of a similar quality to something like Bitcoin Code or the Crypto Revolt, tools which have earned an unshakable reputation for quality, accuracy and trustworthiness. Only time will tell if the News Spy has the same amount of staying power, but the early signs are promising.

Here are some more reasons we recommend the News Spy for low maintenance cryptocurrency trading:

Accessible to Everybody – you don’t need lots of knowledge about cryptocurrencies or market trading to make a profit. The News Spy platform has been specifically designed with amateurs in mind. All the user needs to do is set stop-loss limits, choose their preferred currency pairs and let the algorithm make the right decisions at the right times.

High Success Rate – after several tests and trials, we’ve calculated an impressive 88% ‘win rate’ for the News Spy trading platform. Here, profits aren’t a result of good luck or a case of managing probabilities. They’re a product of lots of careful data analysis. The user isn’t doing the work, but it doesn’t mean there’s no work being done.

Demo for Newbies – when we say the News Spy is suitable for even those with no prior knowledge of crypto trading, we mean it. There’s even a demo tool for rookie traders who need to familiarize themselves with the way market trading looks and feels. It costs nothing to use this demo tool. You can practice as many times as you like before starting a real trade.

The Final Verdict on the News Spy

It’s pretty clear how we feel about cryptocurrency trading with the News Spy. Is it perfect? Probably not, but we’ve yet to find a crypto trading tool that is. There’s no official app, for example, which is something many users see as a weakness. Although, it’s worth remembering the News Spy is responsive and can be easily used on mobile devices.

All in all, we really like it and we think you will too. The best thing about the News Spy – it’s main strength if you will – is its high level of accessibility. It is one of the first platforms of its kind to automate most of the trading process and, thus, turn cryptocurrency investing into a hobby that’s profitable for everyone (not just investment bankers).



How much money will I make?

The sky is the limit, however the average minimal profit our members make is $1,500 daily.

How many licenses do you still have available?

We only have a limited amount of The News Spy licenses available, so we recommend you quickly sign up.

This sounds like Affiliate Marketing?

This has nothing to do with affiliate marketing; The News Spy is an exclusive tool and service that provide crucial insights to cryptocurrency trading.

How much time do I need to invest every day?

Because our tool does all the hard work for you, our members typically work only around ~15 minutes a day to make strategic trades.

How much does a software license cost?

An exclusive News Spy software license costs $0 for a limited amount of time!

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

We don’t have any other fees, commissions or other hidden costs.


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