EuropeFX Review: Scam or Legit – Read Before Trading

EuropeFX was launched in 2013. In such a little time, it has become one of the most popular brokerage firms. It claims that it has reduced the risks of investing while providing a hassle-free and safe experience at online trading software.

It and it is not a new fact for regular traders that whenever we sign in on an automated cryptocurrency platform, we are matched with the broker of our region. This broker places our deals whenever the times are profitable. It is because of these brokers only that we are able to create more money from our initial capital. This is why trustworthy brokers are very significant.

But if you follow cryptocurrency news or pages on your social media, you must have come across a lot of scam software. Those reviews may be rumours only, but in many cases, people have actually lost their money. In cases where people lost their money, it is brokers who are responsible for this fraud. There are some fraud brokers who instead of placing deals, take a deposit or never revert.

A trustworthy and reputed broker is always something that you should lookout for a while, enrolling yourself for a particular trading platform. Brokers are found on all software that ranges from cannabis, cryptocurrency as well as stock trading. If the brokers are trustworthy, you will be able to make maximum profit. The win rate that is provided by the platform is also in association with the broker who will place the deals.

Maxiflex Global Investment successfully owns EuropeFX. The company is solely based in Cyprus and falls under the very own regulatory services of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). This has immense credibility given to it. The company is allied with a lot of brands. Some are not that operational while there are some readily available. But one at a time, namely Octalios.

For all the people that are not familiar and find it difficult to understand the Forex industry. They must know that financial regulation is quite essential. All the distinct countries have their varied agencies specializing in the management of the financial services sector.

If you are confused as to which broker is okay or not, you must have indeed looked up on Google. Now we are also very sure that you must have got some very mixed opinions about every broker that you typed in for. This is why we have taken upon ourselves to educate you regarding every individual broker present out there. We care about your money, and you can certainly trust our opinion.

In this EuropeFX review, we will be discussing another broker, which is EuropeFX. Read the entire article very carefully if you are a newbie because a little distraction here might cost you a lot of money there. Let’s get started!

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EuropeFX Review

This is only one amongst the thousands of brokerage firms that are available online when you register with an automated cryptocurrency trading robot. It is one of the most reputed and trustworthy brokerage firms even though it was begun very recently. It started in 2013, and since then it has gained ground in this industry because it successfully provides the services that it claims.

There are several brokers which function on the intentions of stealing away the money. But we assure you that your investment is safe with EuropeFX. This is because this brokerage firm employs the Straight-through Processing (STP) business model, which is concerned with ensuring no conflict of interest with the trades placed by the client. Isn’t that great?

Not only this, but the popularity of this brokerage firm is also based on the customer-focused trading environment that this platform provides. It makes sure that risk is reduced to the minimum along with the success of the investment by the user. You can believe our opinion regarding this by analyzing more about this brokerage firm in the following passages.

Is it a scam?

When you look up the review of a particular brokerage firm and google it is very natural to find both the opinions. But how do you analyze which view is right and which one is wrong? You can do so by trusting us because we base our opinions on real-time testing and user reviews. This is why you should totally go with the fact that this brokerage firm is 100% legitimate.

We say so because if you research more about this brokerage firm, you will find out that it is under heavy restrictions and regulations. These restrictions and controls keep the investors money in a segregated bank account rather than putting it in the mind of the brokers operating capital. As such, the brokers cannot take away your money without your permission at all.

Europe FX gives a wide range of deals on products that incorporate stocks, Forex, commodities and indices. It offers all kinds of the platform in trading and involves specific risk factor as there is always a chance for investors to lose capital. The platforms can attempt to hide the risks by promising significant profits. Europe FX does not do that. The brokers work with extreme transparency about all the upcoming dangers of this crypto trading. It is amongst the very few platforms in which the risk disclaimers include a lot of percentage of all the accounts that lose money when they are trading CFDs.

We hope that you appreciate the fact that under so many regulations a software like this one is bound to help you create more profits. Moreover, if at all you conflict with the brokerage firm, then you are certainly assured fair treatment. Also, because of the independent supervising body whose function is to protect the interest of the investors. A fraud brokerage firm would never put itself in such a position.

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Is EuropeFX well regulated?

We always ask our users to look out for this section. This is because every broker that you invest your money through should always be well regulated to keep your capital safe. There have been a lot of cases where fraud brokers after the initial deposit are made not to place the deals. And the users are prepared to face consistent losses. This does not only degrade the quality of trading experience but also meddles with your hard-earned money.

But you will be delighted to know that this brokerage firm is undoubtedly well regulated. It is complied with Cyprus Investment Firm and is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This particular company is also a member of the Investors Compensation Fund. EuropeFX also complies with markets in financial instruments directive whose main aim is transparency.

EuropeFX offers its clients all the services via an uninformed trading platform MetaTrader4(MT4). This is the new most industry staple that the brokers have chosen to implement. It is incredibly cheap and a lot safer than creating a brand new solution.

One of the significant features and benefits of trading with MT4 is the fantastic charting environment. It is repeated forward by excess in custom technical indicators that are accessible through the MQL marketplace. This is, in turn, an independently developed broker on the online store where people can test, purchase and trade and lease novice developed tools. There are automated trading systems also available other than technical indicators.

Not only this, but this software is also affiliated with several authorizing bodies in a lot of countries throughout the European Union. To name a few, some of them are France, Austria, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, as well as the Netherlands. When a firm is under so many regulations, then stealing money and disappearing is not an easy task. As such, your investment is entirely safe.



This brokerage firm is excellent if you would like to increase your advantage during investments. The benefit provided at this platform is that of 1:200. However, any position does not ensure that you will make more and you should use these options very carefully as if you lose the amount. You will lose more than what you can afford.

Mobile trading:

Another feature that gets related to brokerage firms is the ever-evolving trading option. You can not find any mobile-optimized for this application on this platform. But this platform is accessible on your mobile if there exists a secure connection of internet and functional browser. You will have all the functions that you can spot while using this on a personal computer.


This software gives the highest priority to awareness. It provides its users with a lot of knowledge material whatever type of trader you are. If you are a beginner in this trading industry, then you must undeniably opt for this option. But if you are a professional, you can opt for new tips and tricks to make more of profit.

Account types:

There are far more options for you to select when you register at this software regarding the kind of accounts. Five options are available, which includes the bronze, silver, gold, platinum and the premium account. No matter the report, you will be ensured with 24-hour support access to all trading platforms as well as a free demo account.

Bonuses and promotions:

There exists a lot of brokers which while investment will never tell you if you are entitled to any bonuses. However, at this software, you are certainly in line for one gift, which can also be termed as a promotion. Depending on how much you deposit into your account you are entitled to a commission-free period. If you collect $1000-$5000, the period will be of seven days and so on.

Deposits and withdrawals:

The minimum amount that you can deposit is $200. This is an essential amount and almost nothing as compared to your savings about online trading. We are delighted to inform you that all the transactions at this platform are SSL encrypted. As such, your information or data will not be linked to third-party accounts.


There is a crucial feature of any brokerage firm. Registration takes very less space and is hassle-free. Although you have to ensure and verify yourself for all the withdrawals and deposits that take place. If you still have any questions, then you can read the registration section for more detail.

Demo trading:

There are a lot of genuine brokers on varied automated cryptocurrency trading platform. This provides options for all the people who do not have previous knowledge of online trading. This option lessens the unnecessary losses to the people that face in case they do not have the experience to trade beforehand. You can access the platform by investing zero money here at Europe FX.

Customer service:

We wish our customers hassle-free trading and after reading this guide then to you face any problem. You do not have to worry at all. There is an excellent customer care service that is available on this platform. If you encounter any issue, you have to submit a simple form. The form comes with questions, concerns and comments to the staff with an email, messaging,  and telephone also via live chat option. How cool is that?

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How do I register myself on EuropeFX?

You are in luck if you do not like elaborate questionnaires while registering on a particular platform. If you are an expert trader and you have been trading for quite a long time. You would know that there are specific platforms where elaborate processes regarding registration are a reality. But at this platform, certification would not take more than five minutes.

In order to successfully register yourself at this platform, navigate to its official website first. Then look for the registration option and enter your details carefully. You will be required to enter your full name, your email address, password etc. Make sure that you check to mark the box where it says that you are above 18 years old. However, in order to take more information, this software would ask for a quick questionnaire that you are mandated to follow.

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How do I begin trading with EuropeFX?

If you are accessing this brokerage firm through a cryptocurrency platform, then you do not need to register separately on this brokerage firm. But if you want to trade individually, then you will have to do so by depositing some initial capital. Do not worry as this process is very safe, and a variety of payment methods are available. The ways that you can use are Bank Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, trust pay, secure pay etc.

You will be happy to know that if you have any profits in your account. Then you can make a withdrawal whose request can be processed in as less as 24 hours. This is an excellent feature because not a lot of brokerage firms provide such a short amount of time while processing withdrawals. It can take as long as 7 to 10 days at other platforms, which is not a pleasant time.

Trading is super simple at this platform. You can opt for a free account at the demo mode option. In the demo mode, you will be awaiting yourself of all the possibilities that will occur at live trading. After that is done, you might switch onto the MT4 platform. Once that is done you will be able to see all the details such as asset list, trading charts etc. After observing all of that, you are to decide if you want to begin your deal or not!

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Pros / Cons
  • It is a well-delimited, brokerage firm.
  • It has an efficient customer care service and will aid you at any time.
  • The withdrawals and payouts are processed very securely.
  • It is certainly not a fraud.
  • There are multiple account options to be chosen from.
  • It is one of the most active brokerage firms.
  • One can trade through many possibilities here.
  • The app does not provide a fully functional mobile app where all the options are available.
  • Only one bonus is there.


There are a lot of features that this platform of software offers its users and you should opt for it. The functionalities that this software provides the customers with services and multiple accounts that you can choose from. It also enables easy withdrawals and payment methods and a fantastic forex trading scene that makes it a go-to software for the people who love online trading.

Although, we still support the fact that if you are a beginner, then you should stick to the minimal amount which is required for the deposits. This keeps you safe, and if there is any potential loss, then you do not have to face a lot when a trade goes wrong.



Is EuropeFX a scam? 

No, it is a hundred per cent legitimate.

When are withdrawals processed with this broker? 

It takes 24 hours to process your withdrawals.

Is registration a stressful affair? 

No, but you will have to answer a questionnaire to register.

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