Crypto Master Bot Review: Scam or Legit – Read Before Trading

Crypto MasterBot is an automated trading software which enables users to trade bitcoins in expectation of making profits. It is automatic; therefore, you do not need any prior experience to use this software.

Automated trading bots have been a recent invention. But it is not a strange fact that they have taken the whole market by storm. As such, a variety of people have been using these platforms. In this way, there have been reviewers and users who have poorly rated this because they lost their money by investing here. But that’s not always real, right? There is a good as well as a bad software. Well, that’s confusing for now, to state that way. We will discuss about it in details to make it more clear about the things related to it, further in this article.

Many times due to fraud brokers, as soon as you invest your initial capital, it gets taken away by them. This is a terrible outcome of trading online. When your hard earned money go away that quickly, you will not only break your heart, but it will make you suspicious of all the opportunities that might lie there. This is why, we have taken upon ourselves to educate you regarding the same.

In this article, we will discuss the crypto masterbot . This one has been in the news because of various reasons, and we are going to examine if those reasons are correct or not. Therefore, if you are a beginner at the online trading scene, don’t forget to read the entire article carefully before investment. Also, make sure that you don’t miss any passage even if you do consider your money gone.

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Is Crypto Master Bot trustworthy?

We are unfortunate to inform you that this platform is a big fraud. We are going to tell you in the subsequent paragraphs, the reason behind this statement. But, if you want a clear cut answer, it is a big no. Crypto master bot is undoubtedly not trustworthy, and you should certainly not invest at this platform. Of course, you can do so if you have a lot of money and you would like to give it away to hackers.

According to real-time testing, we found out that the legitimacy of this software is as low as 2%. This means that it will be an infrequent occurrence in which you will gain a profit. If we put it differently, we would say that you will never be able to procure any benefit out of this platform. Thus, you should start looking for other platforms which might be able to give you a reasonable accuracy rate.

Moreover, you can completely trust us with this conclusion. This is because, we invested our own money on this platform and found out that nothing will be received in payouts. As such, it will be complete stupidity if you even think of using this software in the presence of hundreds of others who will undoubtedly give you a lot of profit. Thus, crypto master bot is not trustworthy, and you should never think about investing over here.

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Crypto Master Bot Review

Unlike any other cryptocurrency trading robot that is automated, this master bot also claims to work on similar technologies. But, it is a painful fact to know that it will never render you the results that the others will. This means that exactly like the other cryptocurrency trading robots, crypto master bot is also based on high-frequency trading, which uses algorithms to detect market changes.

In standard cryptocurrency trading platforms, high-frequency trading refers to the analysis of big data in seconds. Once this data is analyzed and the emerging news is processed, profitable deals are placed, and the user gets a lot of return. But the makers of this software had no intentions of providing any payouts, which is why the technologies are a big hoax, and it will never work.

You can read more about this technology in our other reviews over several websites, perhaps, but what we got to say you is what is truth. And the truth is that the platform that you’re reading about, right now in this article, is a big fraud and it won’t be utilizing any of these technologies. It will only focus on taking away your money and never providing you the features that it promises. For example, it claims an accuracy rate of 88%. But, we found out that this is also a complete lie and 88% is certainly not something that will be given to you.

How does Crypto Master Bot work?

Let us first tell you that all these fraud softwares are used with some kind of technology in order to gain popularity and people’s support over the investments. One such technique is known as hype marketing. But in case of this software, no-hype marketing has been used. Now, this may confuse the user if you should invest in this platform or not. But let us be very sure of fire safety and be away from any sort of fradulent softwares.

When you go over to the official home pages of cryptocurrency trading robots, there will be a lot of information that will be given to you. This means that everything that you will encounter on the platform is well explained. This is also the case at the crypto master bot. But unfortunately, all of the information is fake. One cannot make out unless they look closely and observe the scam that they write about. One needs to experience themselves for the same, before coming to any conclusions.

Also, the majority of their information is copied and made up. They claim that their algorithms have the capability to execute trades by analyzing thousands of charts at a time in a split second. As far as we know, there is no such technology possible. As such, they are ultimately trying to make a fool out of you. What they are doing is basically trying rigorously to make this software look like a legitimate one. But, this comes to the limelight as a fraud.

Moreover, if you do not trust us in this opinion, you can look upon any search engine or a thread where people have reviewed this software. They will only produce proofs of what we have undergone as a result of our investment. As such, this fraudulent software does not have any proper functioning and no technology as such, that has been utilized for rendering profits to it’s users except for the one that loots you.


  • Withdrawals and deposits: If you are a sane person, you would know that the withdrawals will never be processed. Yes, you heard us right. Your money will be taken away by the brokers who are fraud hackers, and no profits will be incurred in your accounts. As such, deposits in this platform are strictly prohibited from our side.
  • Customer Service: Even if the customer service would be present, they will never help you. As we have mentioned several times that their agenda for making this software is not providing you any profit but for taking away your hard-earned money in an easy way. Therefore, do not expect any customer care service simply because you will not find any.
  • Verification System: Whenever there is a fraudulent platform, it will never ask you to verify yourself. This is because they are not interested in your identity, and they only desire your money. As such, you will never be asked to verify yourself on this software, and this is one of the primary reasons why crypto master bot is a big fraud.
  • Payouts: This automated trading robot claims a rate of 88%. We would consider this a big joke as a win rate of 88% means that out of a hundred deals that you will place, 88 out of those 100, will yield a profit. This is not true in case of this software, and you will not be able to receive any single profit. Thus, the payouts will never be processed, and you should not expect them at all.
  • Brokers: Whenever you register on a trading platform, you are matched with the broker in your region who places the deals in your name. This is pretty much how every automated cryptocurrency software works. But at this platform, you should be sure that all your brokers are frauds and they will never place any deals. They will only take away your money, and you will be left with nothing.
  • User Testimonials: If you navigate on the official homepage of the software, you will find a variety of testimonials in which people have quoted that this software made am pleased. But unfortunately, all these are fake. Moreover, if you check out other sources, you will find that anyone who invested in this software has never made a profit.
  • Cost and fees: We would say that the cost to use this software will be your initial capital and anything that you deposit, because neither will it render you profits nor you will be able to withdraw it. As such, the costs and fees of registration or even commissions don’t matter, and you should keep this option entirely out of your mind.

Is registration safe?

No, the registration in this software is not safe at all as we have already told you that this fraudulent software only cares about taking away your money, and it won’t do anything that has to do with profit. As such, it does not care about your privacy once you are successfully registered on the software. You will undoubtedly be receiving spam emails because this software leaks all your data to third-party scammers.

Good software is SSL protected, and as such, no data is shared with third parties scammers. This way, all your information is safe, and you don’t receive any unnecessary emails with malware links. However, it is not possible on this software, and so you should not consider investing here in anyway.

How do you identify if a platform is legitimate or not?

We understand that a lot of different platforms have a lot of mixed reviews regarding the same software. But it is not easy for the user to navigate through 10 websites only to end up in a confusion whether to invest in it or not. This is why, we are going to give you some tips which you can utilize to spot fake software from the next time when you navigate on the homepage of any cryptocurrency trading robot.

So firstly, every cryptocurrency trading platform should have well-regulated brokers. You can research more about brokers and their legitimacy. But usually, whenever the websites they say that they have a regulated broker, they also provide a list of all the brokers that they incorporate. If they are unsure and have not mentioned about the brokers anywhere, you should be afraid

One of the essential features in this category is the verification. The platform should ask for identity verification in case of withdrawals and payouts. You will not receive any payouts in case you are not asked to verify, and as such, you can spot any fraud software in first sight. In our platform, you only have to put up your names with no emails at all.

Moreover, SSL protection is also critical. Your essential data should not be linked to any third parties. You should also make sure that you observe your email for any spam addresses in all links that are being forwarded to you. These links might end up taking up your information and making you lose all your money.

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Pros / Cons
  • There are no pros as such because you won't find any benefits at this software.
  • Scam software.
  • Win rate mentioned at its website is fake.
  • The user reviews are also made up.
  • The deposits will never be withdrawn.
  • Your request for any help will never be entertained.
  • You will undoubtedly lose all your money after the deposits are made.


If you scrolled over without reading any information, then only this section is for you. But let us mention again that you will always lose your money if you invest in this platform. There is no proper functioning, and no adequate algorithm is used. Therefore, you won’t find any utility if you spend here.

The conclusion then is quite clear. We do not recommend this software to anyone, and you must only consider it if you are stupid enough to want to lose all your money.


Is Crypto Master Bot legitimate?

No, it’s not. It is a complete fraud.

When can I withdraw my funds?


Can I reach the customer service?

No, they will never reply you!


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