Copy Soros Review: Scam or Legit? Read to find out the truth!

Copy Soros is the new name in the world of cryptocurrency trading platforms. It claims to be a real and efficient new-generation trading platform, which can predict shifts in global markets, thus allowing the members to gain financial independence by easily making substantial profits through digital currency exchange.

Cryptocurrency trading has become accessible to anyone and easier to manage, mainly thanks to the automated trading feature that most platforms possess. Whether a member has traded before or not, the trading robots scan the markets and execute trades automatically. This is a feature available on Copy Soros trading software platform as well. However, although this all sounds easy and promising, before you jump to a conclusion and make your first deposit, take the time to read through our review and make an educated decision.

Is the Copy Soros app legitimate or a scam? Read on to find out!

Does Copy Soros really have an edge?

copy soros review


Copy Soros App is said to have been developed by a group of full time traders who were inspired by the success of George Soros. A quick reference – George Soros is an Hungarian-American billionaire investor, who began his financial career as a clerk at a merchant bank in London, taking various jobs at merchant banks in the United Kingdom and then the United States, moving on to starting his own hedge funds and becoming known as “The man who broke the Bank of England” during the 1992 “black Wednesday” UK currency crisis. It is important to understand that George Soros is in no way associated with the Copy Soros software. He did not take part in developing it, he does not own it and he did not endorse it either.

Is Copy Soros App Scam or Trustworthy?


For an in-depth review of the Copy Soros software, we recommend that you read the full article. However, in short, we could determine that Copy Soros has no advantage over other software, such as the popular Bitcoin Trader or established Bitcoin Revolution, nor did we find any proof of performance and capabilities. Moreover, some red flags were raised when we tested the software, which made us doubt its innovation and profitability statements, as well as its overall reliability. Our bottom line recommendation would be to stay clear of Copy Soros in order to avoid losing your money to a typical online trading scam.

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We detail below the so-called pros and cons of Copy Soros app for your convenience, so that you will be able to consider all the aspects before taking a financial risk and investing in a dubious venture. 

Copy Soros Review

Copy Soros is a trading platform that allows its members to trade digital assets such as digital currencies and stocks. The software allegedly provides reliable trading signals for successful trades which will result in profitable returns.

It supposedly works by using advanced algorithms to scan the markets and analyze news events and current trends to determine the profitability of trades.

Accordingly, Copy Soros will provide you with the information or, with the automated mode, it will determine whether to execute a trade or not.

In that sense, Copy Soros is supposed to do the work for you, which is a huge benefit for first-timers and inexperienced traders, who are not yet well familiarized with the digital currencies markets and trades.

The platform is pretty simple and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface which also counts as a benefit, especially for beginner-level users.

Copy Soros Advertised Highlights:

Available for desktop and mobile app – Both are free and do not require any special knowledge or download.

Provides winning trading signals – It is said to have the most accurate trading signals, based on new generation algorithms which “accurately predicts the directions of various global assets”.

Developed by experienced traders – An unnamed group of full-time traders who were inspired by George Soros’ journey to become a self-made billionaire.

Average win rate of 92.6% – Which means that over 90 percent of trades are yield profitable returns.

A minimum of $100 in daily profits – CopySoros is claimed to make $1000 per week and up to $500 per day.

Automated trading – Supposedly calculates the risk according to market conditions and the user’s preferences and invested capital. 

Latest news articles – A feature that is incorporated into the platform’s dashboard, where the news are most likely imported from third party news sites.

How to Open an Account on Copy Soros App?

Copy Soros is said to be free of charge for the beta testers members. In fact, supposedly there are only 500 open spots, after which a “high price tag” will be set for each additional new member who would like to sign up. As we were able to register and open an account for free, it seems that either they did not reach 500 worldwide users or, as we suspect, it is just an empty threat that is meant to rush users to sign up and make their first deposit.

The CopySoros registration form requires a full name, email address, phone number and chosen password. Once the form is confirmed, the account will be created and you will be redirected to the trading platform’s dashboard. At this point, in order to get the trading signals for trades, you would first need to connect to a broker and make the minimum $250 deposit.


Is Copy Soros Safe?

From our examination of the product, we conclude that Copy Soros app is not reliable, it is not trustworthy nor safe. As unfortunate as this may be, contrary to the statements on its aggressive promotions, we highly doubt it will function as a profitable digital trading system that will be able to make you rich. Signing up with Copy Soros might very well put your hard earned money at great risk.

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Copy Soros Scam

The first warning sign is that Copy Soros was linked to the same group which previously released programs such as BLW Trading Academy and FX Robotix, both labeled a scam. The method is the same each time – Advertisements will claim it is an advanced, new generation, innovative, accurate and successful software that will make you a lot of money. However, once real reviews surface online to warn others of using the software, another scam will be released to take over the market.

A few more reasons why we think that Copy Soros software is a scam you should avoid:

  1. Beta testing group free use limitation is a false statement. This is a claim that intends to create a sense of urgency to make you sign up and deposit immediately, instead of taking the time to read, review, educate yourself and then consider your options. In fact, there is no beta testing stage and no limited spots of free membership. The software is free because its inventors want to convince you to open a trading account. If there are less than 500 members worldwide, then it is too early to deduce it is a successful system. Otherwise, if there are already over 500 members, why is it still free for all?
  2. You can find information about Copy Soros on the platform’s website only, where a promotional video is featured. The speaker on the sales presentation video is a paid actor and not a part of the Copy Soros “team”. The purpose of the video is to make a sales pitch which will lead you to believe that the actor is an actual team member, by using statements such as: “We are very excited to introduce our new product … it was created by our team of independent traders”.
  3. After signing up and opening our test account, we were referred to Marketrip broker. Marketrip is anonymous and as such it basically has no known name, address or license. Trading with unlicensed and unregulated brokers also means that you will probably be subjected to be charged undisclosed fees, and you have no guarantee of personal data protection. Marketrip is considered illegal in many countries and, in any case, it is highly unrecommended to trust an anonymous broker with your money.
  4. A minimum deposit of $250 is required to activate the Copy Soros trading system. However, we already found an online “review” which recommends depositing at least $500 to start, which we find odd and unusual. If $250 is the standard with any reputable online trading system, why would there be a recommendation to make a higher initial deposit with Copy Soros? This causes us to believe that the favourable review is not a real one but merely a tool used by Copy Soros creators to lure innocent people into investing in their scam.

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Copy Soros Review – Conclusion

In this review we provided unbiased reasons as to why it is not advisable to deposit and trade with Copy Soros app. Our verdict is that the Copy Soros trading system is a scam that you should avoid.

Copy Soros FAQ:

🎯 What is Copy Soros in short?

Copy Soros is a cryptocurrency trading platform which has an automated robot feature who trades on your behalf, based on trading signals which are supposedly provided by the software.

🎯 How do I start trading with Copy Soros?

To start trading with Copy Soros you need to fill in the registration form and make a minimum deposit of $250.

🎯 How much money can I make with the Copy Soros app?

Copy Soros is said to make a minimum daily profit of $100 and up to $500 a day. However, based on our testing of the system, Copy Soros does not seem to be a legitimate profitable trading signals system.

🎯 Is Copy Soros safe and secure?

We do not believe Copy Soros is safe. Any illegitimate investment tool might connect you to an anonymous and unregulated broker. In that case, both your money and personal information are being put at risk.

🎯 Is Copy Soros scam or legit?

Copy Soros is a scam which was designed by an anonymous group aiming to make a quick buck by tricking people into believing they can easily become financially independent by using the Copy Soros trading software.

🎯 Is there anything else I need to know about Copy Soros?

Yes – We branded CopySoros scam. Stay away from it.

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We recommend that you sign up only with reputable & proven trading systems!

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