Bitcoin Bonanza Review: Scam or Legit – Read Before Trading

Bitcoin Bonanza is an automated cryptocurrency trading robot that enables users to make profits by buying the cryptocurrency at lower and selling it for a lot higher price than what you might typically get. It doesn’t require any effort from the user trading.

It is not a very strange fact that this software has gained popularity in a short amount of time. This software was only made in 2017. Considering their year of the invention, the usage of these software has been immense. This is why a lot of people have given mixed responses regarding this software. Moreover, a lot of bad reviews have accumulated over time.

But as we know, every coin has two sides. We understand the fact that a lot of softwares must have rendered losses, but there are several excellent softwares who give what they claim. This is why, we consider this our job to inform you about legitimate softwares and also, about the ones that are a fraud and will end up taking in your money for no reason at all.

Now that you have clicked on this post, you must be undoubtedly looking for Bitcoin Bonanza. In this article, we will be discussing this powerful software and if it is worth your time and investment or not. If you are a beginner, make sure that you read this software very carefully because some slight carelessness here, might lead to a lot of loss there. So be alert throughout this Bitcoin Bonanza Review.

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Is Bitcoin Bonanza trustworthy?


We try to make sure that before writing an entire post, we make the reader aware as to what should he look out for. This is because we don’t want anyone to read half of the post and make partial opinions about the software. This is why, we would like to first handedly inform you that this software is undoubtedly not the buzz. It is a big fraud, and you should look out for links that recommend this platform.

We can also confirm some very sheepish things about this software. The user testimonials mentioned on the main home page are all fake, and the pictures of the user attached are also false as well. This is a big blunder on behalf of the software, and we would never recommend such a platform. If you know a tad bit about cryptocurrency trading platforms, then you will notice that the steps are copied from Bitcoin Code.

Moreover, it is an undeniable fact that a lot of excellent and famous crypto bots have never been supported or endorsed by any celebrities. But if you navigate to the page of this software, you will find the pictures of a number of celebs. This is an example of hoax marketing, and we certainly are against it. It also states that you can make $9600 in the next day itself, which is again a lie.

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Review of Bitcoin Bonanza

To answer that question, let us educate you as to what exactly is a cryptocurrency trading platform. This type of platform uses high-frequency technology to yield profits. These profits usually arise due to a correct analysis of big data by the algorithms that are used. This big data will take a lot of time to be analyzed by a human, but through software, it happens in a split second.

Unfortunately, when we talk about Bitcoin Bonanza, there is almost no technology utilised by this software. Everything that is mentioned on the homepage is fake, and no investment in high-frequency technology has been made. This platform only claims to be something else and will give you horrible results even if you plan to make an investment here. Therefore, if you are thinking about it, then don’t.

Moreover, apart from this, everything is fake. Once you deposit your money, you would never see it again. This is because the brokers are not well regulated, and the powerful software has been created to loot people when the deposit is successfully made. Therefore, don’t intend to invest your hard-earned money on this platform and lose all of it.

How does Bitcoin Bonanza work?

Bitcoin Bonanza Review

Just explain to you what happened with our tests. Generally, when you register on a legitimate cryptocurrency trading software, you are asked to fill up a form. In this form, you are supposed to mention your country of residence so that the brokers that function in your region are matched with you. But if you are a US citizen trying to make an account of Bitcoin Bonanza, sorry, you won’t be able to do it.

You might want to try using different mobile numbers. But, you won’t have any luck. This means that the operator is currently dysfunctional as it is not letting people register at all. Apart from this fraudulent nature if the registration is also not working and the verification is not done correctly, then this software is not worth your effort at all. There is no point investing in a vague software and losing all your money.

An interesting point to note about Bitcoin Bonanza is that it claims to have a rate of 90%. For software to be this successful, it has to be hyper marketing itself. But, that is not the case. This clearly shows that everything about this software is untrue, and you should certainly remain away from such a fraud. Moreover, the part where it quotes Bitcoin Code is ridiculous and not worth pondering about.

Concluding the functionality of this software, we can clearly say that Bitcoin Bonanza does not have any working mechanism as such. If you did have a working mechanism, then it would not be a fraudulent software at all. But unfortunately, the software was created by hackers as well as people would like to loot traders. This is why there is no algorithm functioning and no high-frequency trading expected.


  • Withdrawals and deposits: If you are a sane person, you would know that the withdrawals will never be processed. Your money will be taken away by the brokers who are fraud hackers, and no profits will be incurred in your accounts. As such, deposits in this platform are strictly prohibited from our side.
  • Customer Service: Even if the customer service would be present, they will never help you. As we have mentioned several times that their agenda for making this software is not providing you any profit but for taking away your hard-earned money in a simple way. Therefore, do not expect any customer care service because you will not find any.
  • Verification System: Whenever there is a fraudulent platform, it will never ask you to verify yourself. This is because they are not interested in your identity, and they only desire your money. As such, you will never be asked to verify yourself on this software, and this is one of the primary reasons why Bitcoin Bonanza is a big fraud.
  • Payouts: This automated trading robot claims a win rate of 90%. We would consider this a big joke as a win rate of 90% means that out of a hundred deals you will place, 90 will yield a profit. This is not true in case of this software, and you will not be able to receive any single benefit. Thus, the payouts will never be processed, and you should not expect them at all as well.
  • Brokers: Whenever you register on a trading platform, you are matched with the broker in your region who places the deals in your name. This is pretty much how every automated cryptocurrency software works. But at this platform, you should be sure that all your brokers are frauds and they will never place any deals. They will only take away your money, and you will be left with nothing.
  • User Testimonials: If you navigate on the official homepage of the software, you will find a variety of testimonials in which people have quoted that this software made them pleased. But unfortunately, all these are fake. Moreover, if you check out other sources, you will find that anyone who invested in this software has never made a profit.
  • Cost and fees: We would say that the cost to use this software will be your initial capital and anything that you deposit because neither will it render you profits nor you will be able to withdraw it. As such, the costs and fees of registration or even commissions don’t matter, and you should keep this option entirely out of your mind.

Who founded Bitcoin Bonanza?

This platform is allegedly created by a man called John Truman. His picture is not shown very clearly on the website, which is a great misdeed. You might come across a number of popular cryptocurrency trading robots who mentioned their creators’ name, and there are even interviews by the same personalities, but this is not the case with Bitcoin Bonanza at all.

One more thing that we can observe here is in the description of the creator. It says that the Bitcoin Bonanza team proved him wrong. This sort of sounds like a testimonial by one of the users and certainly not like a creators content. When a lot of these things sound fishy, don’t trust the software at all and functional look for a legitimate one.

How do you identify if a platform is legitimate or not?

We understand that a lot of different platforms have a lot of mixed reviews regarding the same software. But it is not easy for the user to navigate through 10 websites only to end up in a confusion whether to invest or not. This is why, we are going to give you some tips which you can utilize to spot fake software from the next time you navigate on the homepage of any cryptocurrency trading robot.

So, firstly every cryptocurrency trading platform should have well-regulated brokers. You can research more about brokers and their legitimacy. But usually, whenever the websites say that they have a regulated broker, they also provide a list of all the brokers that they incorporate. If they are unsure and have not mentioned about the brokers anywhere, you should be afraid.

One of the essential features in this category is verification. The platform should ask for identity verification in case of withdrawals and payouts. You will not receive any payouts in case you are not asked to verify, and as such, you can spot any fraud software in first sight. In our platform, you only have to put up your names with no emails at all.

Moreover, SSL protection is also critical. Your essential data should not be linked to any third parties. You should also make sure that you observe your email for any spam addresses all links that are being forwarded to you. These links might end up taking up your information and losing all your money.

Pros / Cons
  • There are no pros as such because you won't find any profits at this software.
  • Scam software.
  • Win rate mentioned at its website is fake.
  • The user reviews are also made up.
  • The deposits will never be withdrawn.
  • Your request for any help will never be entertained.
  • You will undoubtedly lose all your money after the deposits are made.
  • Creators introduction sounds like a testimonial.


We don’t think you need any other piece of advice regarding Bitcoin Bonanza. This is because the entire software is a hoax and you do not need to invest even a penny here. We don’t think that you would be able to do that currently because registrations are not being processed at all. But, also if, you are able to register yourself successfully, don’t ever think of using it unless you want to lose your money.


Is Bitcoin Bonanza legitimate software?

No, it’s not it is a complete fraud.

Is Bitcoin Bonanza worth of investing your money?

No not at all you will lose all your money once invested here.

How are withdrawals processed on this platform?

Withdrawals are never processed because you will never be making any profits!


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This is a scam robot. We advise you to not trade via this platform

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