Ethereum Price Analysis $2,300 |

Ethereum Price Analysis $2,300 | Ethereum continues to stay in a sideways pattern, with a bullish divergence emerging in the price. The author of the blog post suggests that the price action in the short-term stays in a range bound by $1,650 and $2,300, with a potential breakout and a retest of the upper trend […]

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Forget GPUs, hard drives are the new gold

Bitcoins have held a place in the consciousness of computer enthusiasts for the last few years. The chatter has died down a little, but the world of cryptocurrency is still full of an enthusiastic and fervent base. The recent price fluctuations may have taken some of the shine off of Bitcoin, but the fact remains […]

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Polygon price analysis: Polygon tests $1.3, prepares to spike higher?

Cryptocurrency markets are extremely complex, and anyone looking to make money trading cryptocurrencies needs tools to help them with the other aspects of trading such as software, market data, and strategies. Today we’re going to look at a popular trading platform, a tool that can help you with all of those things, and a cryptocurrency […]

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