Has Florentino Perez Bought Bitcoin?

The current president of Real Madrid football club is said to have bought Bitcoin. This is the rumor that goes around about Florentino Perez. While this Spanish businessman may have made a sizable fortune over the years, he really put it into Bitcoin.


Bitcoin has proven to be a profitable investment that recently peaked at over $ 65,000. This has brought many new investors and traders into the market with the hopes of making profits like some in the past. But is Florentino Perez one of these people?

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In this article, we are going to uncover the truth about this rumor.

Who is Florentino Perez?

Florentino Perez is a well-known Spanish businessman, civil engineer, former politician and current president of Real Madrid football club. Florentino Perez is also Chairman and CEO of Grupo ACS, a Spanish civil engineering company.


Florentino Perez began studying at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He then joined the Union Democratic Party in 1979. He ran in the Spanish parliamentary elections in 1986 and was Secretary General.


After working in politics, he moved as a vice p1993 based at OCP Construcciones. In 1997 the company merged with another company to form Grupo ACS. He has been named president of this new company.


Florentino Perez has built a sizable fortune over the course of his career and now has assets of approximately $ 2.3 billion.

Why would anyone trade Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in 2021. The currency recently hit over $ 65,000 in value. Bitcoin is very liquid, which means it is traded all the time. This makes it easy for traders and investors to buy and sell Bitcoin.


The currency has also grown in value solidly since it gained popularity, providing some investors with a high return.

The result – did Florentino Perez invest in Bitcoin?

We searched the internet and online publications to find evidence of these rumors. And we have found that they are most certainly not true. There have been some reports and publications in which the billionaire has stated that these rumors are not true.

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Florentino Perez is a well-known Spanish billionaire and president of Real Madrid football club. He is best known for his role and as Chairman and CEO of Gupo ACS. The businessman is rumored to have invested in Bitcoin, but unfortunately these rumors have been turned out to be false.


Did Florentino Perez Buy Bitcoin? first appeared on Coin Insider.

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