Digital adoption: Colombia holds court case in the Metaverse

Digital adoption: Colombia holds court case in the Metaverse

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Colombia is leading the way in exploring potentialities of the Metaverse. Colombia has just launched an initiative to test this new technology in order to see how it can improve many industries, including tourism and education.

A Reuters report claims that the Colombian Magdalena Administrative Court held a court case in Metaverse to settle a traffic-related matter. In the digital court hearing, the participants were represented by avatars dressed in black legal attires. It felt more real than an internet call like a Zoom call, or a Google Meet videoconference, according to the Magistrate. She said:

“This academic experiment is to prove that it’s possible… but (my court) where everyone consents, it can continue doing things in the Metaverse.”

The Metaverse’s use-cases in real-world situations

The expanding digital world has other benefits, with online technologies allowing for greater access to finance sectors, such as Bitcoin ($BTC), helping ‘bank those who aren’t banked’.

Digital education

To explore the potential of the Metaverse, the Colombian government has been working with several private companies. The legal case is just one example. Education is one of the main focuses for Metaverse functions. The country is currently developing a virtual platform to allow students to interact with teachers and attend classes in a virtual setting.

This could be a benefit to students who don’t have the means to access traditional classrooms, or are in short supply of qualified teachers. The Metaverse allows students to access high-quality education anywhere in the country.

Entertainment and Tourism

The entertainment industry is another area where the Metaverse can have an impact on digital adoption. The Metaverse allows musicians from all over the globe to perform live concerts in front of audiences in other countries. This could make it easier for fans to connect with their artist and help promote the region’s music and culture.

Colombia is exploring the potential of Metaverse to promote tourism. By creating a virtual version, tourists can enjoy these attractions in a more immersive manner than online. This could bring more tourists to Colombia and boost the tourism industry.

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