Did Boity Thulo Invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has become one of the most traded financial assets in the world. The currency has made a lot of money for many traders through its great returns over the past decade. The digital coin recently hit $ 60,000 in value, which was a great achievement for the crypto world.

Boity Thulo is a well-known businesswoman, rapper, model and television personality based out of South Africa. She is known across the country for her roles on series such as Rockville.

Recently it was rumored that the actress is investing a large amount of money in Bitcoin. The rumors say that this is the model’s way of keeping her finances and assets safe. But are these rumors true? In this article, we investigate these rumors.

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Who is Boity Thulo?

Boity Thulo was born in the town of Potchefstroom in the North West Province of South Africa. She was born on April 28, 1990. Bioty began studying criminology and psychology at Monash University, but had to drop out due to lack of money.

Best known for her TV and film work, Boity Thulo was named to the Forbes Africa 30 list of 30 creatives in 2019. This shows the quality of her work and dedication on which she has built her reputation. Shows like The Media Career Guide, 10 over 10, Big Brother Africa, and Change Down have helped her gain popularity. Today she is one of the most famous faces in the South African TV industry.

In 2018 Boity Thulo won the best collaboration at the South African Hip Hop Awards for her single “Wuz Dat” with Nasty C. Since then she has created many more singles and won again in 2020 at the Hip Hop Awards, this time for this best remix.

Why invest in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has surpassed $ 61,000 in value, a value many thought the currency would ever reach. This came after it was worth only $ 11,000 in September 2020. The appreciation of the currency has helped make many people incredibly rich. Some of these people have used different platforms like Bitcoin Era or Bitcoin Code to trade the currency and make a profit.

Bitcoin has proven to be a profitable and volatile investment since it first appeared in 2009. With its liquidity and easy access, it is easy to get into Bitcoin trading or invest via online platforms. Platforms like Bitcoin Trader have been shown to help users get good profitability on their trading.

The verdict: did Boity Thulo invest in Bitcoin?

The South African actress, rapper, businesswoman and TV personality has not yet publicly announced that she has invested in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. We scoured her Twitter and Instagram to look for answers, but sadly we were empty.

Many spam brokers take advantage of the faces and popularity of popular celebrities by running fake ads on social media to lure users. It is important to verify these claims before investing your money. As in this case, we can say that the rumors are likely false.

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