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PRESS RELEASE. Blockchain has transformed businesses across all sectors and, combined with MLM (multi-level marketing), has brought profound and positive changes to the industry. Indian company Antier Solutions has signed contracts worth $100 million for its Blockchain-based MLM platforms.

Central to supply chain technology is a “shared, distributed ledger” that captures data and transactions. This distributed ledger is accessible to everyone on the network, promoting transparency. Blockchain acts as a new kind of database system that allows multiple parties to access the same data almost simultaneously, creating an unprecedented level of trust. In addition, Blockchain has tremendous potential to automate and accelerate business processes through the use of intelligent contracts, eliminating the need for third parties to be involved in the execution of transactions.

While almost all industries are ripe for chain-of-custody adoption, the MLM industry is one with significant potential for chain-of-custody adoption.

MLM has long been a mainstay for start-ups and companies looking to promote their products while reducing marketing costs. Examples of companies that have successfully exploited the potential of MLM include Amway, Market America and Avon Products Inc.

However, the traditional MLM process suffers from inefficiencies, such as centralized control of the system, lack of transparency and trust, and delays in paying out incentives to users. All of these inefficiencies can hamper even the best MLM projects.

Blockchain offers solutions to these pain points and allows the MLM industry to position itself as a strong market. Blockchain eliminates the involvement of a central authority and consolidates everything into a distributed ledger for greater transparency. An intelligent contract automates and accelerates the MLM process and manages peer-to-peer transactions. In addition, intelligent contract integration promotes immutability. It prevents any change to the MLM business plan once the smart contract is deployed on the blockchain, increasing people’s trust in the system.

These benefits have fueled the popularity and adoption of MLM blockchain software among companies and participants. As startups and companies enthusiastically launch MLM platforms with smart contracts, users invest in these platforms with confidence because they trust the transparency of the process and reliable, instant payments.

Antier Solutions, a digital asset management solutions company, helps companies launch their smart contract MLM platforms. With a team of more than 150 block chain developers and subject matter experts, more than 15 years of rich technical experience and know-how, Antier Solutions has helped more than 100 companies launch their MLM platforms on block chains such as TRON, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

“Blockchain serves as a catalyst for significant change in the multi-billion dollar MLM industry and Antier Solutions is working to usher in this change. As companies move to MLM software based on blockchain and cryptography, we will continue to develop our solutions to help companies reach the next wave of multi-level marketing,” said Devender Junas, product manager at Antier Solutions.

About Antier Solutions

Antier’s solutions are comprehensive digital asset management solutions that help companies move from traditional technology platforms to blockchain systems. With its deep knowledge and rich experience, Antier has created a complete ecosystem of solutions to help companies adopt digital asset exchange platforms, lending platforms, banking services, etc.

Through a harmonious trio of technologies, design-based thinking and smart strategies, Antier is creating an innovative roadmap for delivering consulting and development services for the new decentralized digital world.

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